Guidelines 2021 - 2022


Themed Competition Guidelines 2021-22

1.  Night time/low light (11 November):

Images shot from dusk to dawn or in low light environments, whether natural or created,

2.  Buildings (27 January):

Images can include building exteriors, interiors and features such as parts/aspects of a building as well as bridges, other structures and cityscapes.

3.  The Great Outdoors (24 February):

Images from all outdoor space, especially wild places used for recreational activities such as hiking or camping.

4.  On the Street (24 March):

Images should fall within the broad heading of street photography as “a real, unposed moment”, e.g. they should not have been staged but be chance encounters and random incidents within public places. Images do not necessarily have to be in an urban environment or include people though their presence should be suggested by the subject.

5.  Wide-angle (14 April):

Images with a focal length of 35mm or less for full frame or 25mm or less for cameras with smaller sensors with scenes ranging from, for example, wide/expansive landscapes to cramped interiors covering any subject including people, portraits, animals and plants.