Competition Guidelines 2020 - 2021 season



 12 November 2020 – Standing Out From a Crowd Competition.

An image depicting a situation or circumstance in which one of a group of, for example, people or animals or objects are very different and easy to notice.

 26 November 2020 – Seasons Competition

An image providing a dramatic portrayal of one of the four seasons. The image title should include the name of the season portrayed.

11 February 2021 – Woodland Prints Competition

An image which captures the MOST compelling aspect of woodland, including landscapes/vistas, woodland flora and fauna.

 25 February 2021 - Contre Jour PDI Competition

Pictures captured against the light (back lit). The images can be of any subject (objects, people, animals, landscapes) solong as they are “contre jour”.

 25 March 2021 - Buildings Prints Competition

Images showcasing imposing building and architectral achievement and excellence whether ancient or modern, local or national or overseas.

 8 April 2021 - Country and Village Life PDI C

Images of present-day country and village life which may include people and/or animals, but this is not essential. Shots can use the physical environment itself - streets, buildings, open spaces, tools and technologies - to capture the idea of country and village life.