A photographic record of Longridge was initiated by Longridge & District Local History Society in 1970. These photographs together with a number of collected and preserved older photographs were mounted into six albums. They were collectively entitled “The Way We Were in Old Photographs”.
These were supplemented by an album of aerial photographs of old Longridge, an albumdepicting the refurbishment of the old Co-op building in 2006/07, together with a miscellany of newspaper cuttings and an album of photographs taken to record a number of sites scheduled for redevelopment. The entire collection was named “The Bamber Collection” after Brian Bamber who was a founder member of the History Society.

Towards the end of 1999, the History Society embarked on a project to document the town at the start of the new Millennium. It was decided to create a photographic record of every road and significant building in Longridge at this snap shot in time. Accordingly the town was divided into four areas each of which was assigned to different photographers.  The subsequent photographs by each photographer were collected into four albums entitled “Longridge in the New Millennium 2000”. These and the earlier photographs form the core of the photographic archive at the Longridge Heritage Centre.

If you have any old photographs or postcards of Longridge that we may borrow and copy, or if you have further information about any of the photographs in the Longridge Archive, please contact us

Samples are shown here, but all Photos can be accessed on our other website: www.lhctrust.org.uk