We teach for the local community Kungfu, Lion Dance, Taichi and Qigong in and around the Epsom

area,  The organisation has been running since pre 2000 and offers a friendly and social environment

to learn these parts of Chinese Culture.  Founded by Grandmaster Akira Lim,

the organisation is continued now by his son Stephen Lim and students.


Welcome to Lim's Martial Arts

Founded by the Late Grandmaster Akira Lim

and continued by his son Stephen Lim and students





Lim's Martial Arts consists of five main arts :

Lim's Taichi, Lim's Qigong, Lim Quan Kung Fu, Lim's Lion Dance and Aki-Kai Karate/Kickboxing. 

We teach people of all ages our youngest students ranging from 5 years old up until 93! 

We are also available for seminars and workshops.

Please look around our website and feel free to contact me on the email or phone number below.




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Concorde Hall
Horton Footpath
Horton Hill
KT19 8SR