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Title Author Journal
Kimbolton - the creation of a medieval town John Stratford 1
Kimbolton & Stonely in the early 1900s Len Russell 1
St Andrew's Church Kimbolton; the font Nora Butler 1
Catherine of Aragon at Kimbolton Mary Coles 1
Willow Lane Brickworks, Kimbolton Roger Watson 2
Kimbolton in the early 1900s; a sequel Mabel Bayes 2
Stonely Priory Philip Burkett 2
The Tollfield Gypsies Nora Butler 2
Kimbolton's Independent Chapel John Stratford 2
St Andrew's Church; the dedication Nora Butler 2
The early history of Kimbolton School John Stratford 3
Early fire engines of Kimbolton Philip Saunders 3
Kimbolton in the 1851 Census Nora Butler 3
An Interview with Bill Dicks; (1) The early years Frank Burns 3
Kimbolton Castle in the late Eighteenth Century Philip Burkett 4
Kimbolton & Stonely in the 1920s & 1930s Dennis Landin 4
My Family's Waterloo Colin Yorke 4
Local Volunteers Roger Watson 4
It used to belong to my grandmother and it's got such a beautiful chime Ian Burton 4
An ordinary Kimbolton family in the late Eighteenth Century John Stratford 4
A serendipitous Roman Road Jack Turvey 5
Geoffrey Fitzpiers John Stratford 5
Some of Miss Lilley's Memories   5
Kimbolton Castle in the late Eighteenth Century (Conclusion)


Philip Burkett



Jubilee Day 1935 from 'The Kimboltonian' 5
The lost gardens of Kimbolton Castle John Stratford 5
Lovat Scouts Edwin Abington 5
The Chestnuts Derrick Papworth 6
The River Kim - Poem 1887 Anon 6
A glimpse of Kimbolton in the early 1800s George Hensman 6
Footnote on the Kimbolton Hensmans 1712-1895 John Stratford 6
The projected factory - Poem 1895 Anon 6
Kimbolton 'exiles' in the 1881 census John Stratford 6
The  last Vestry Meeting, March 1894 John Stratford 6
Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion Roger Watson 6
Kimbolton Council School Log-Book 1902-21 Jean Stratford 6
The Life and Recollections of Nathaniel Dale John Stratford 7
The Great Freeze 1963 Mary Smout 7
The Statty Fair Nora Butler 7
The Duke of Manchester's Light Horse Roger Watson 7
An Abington Postscript   7
Some initial difficulties John Stratford 8
Kimbolton's Parish Records in Huntingdon Record Office Francis Bolton 8
In search of Kimbolton's poor Nora Butler 8
Kimbolton and nearby villages in the Second World War Mary Smout 8
The Kimbolton Terrar of 1709 Roy Butler 8
The carol concert and the demon drink Edgar Packer 8
A surfeit of table napkins CRO 8
Kimbolton revisited Roy Butler 9
The Jacobean lodges of the Kimbolton Park Estate John Stratford & Beth Davis 9
A century of rural change Mary Smout 9
Highland gathering at Kimbolton Roger Watson 9
William Fernie: The Kimbolton boy who founded a city Nora Butler 9
The return of Old King Cole Nora Butler 9
Mayes of Kimbolton Mary Smout 10
Ashfield House & Newtown John Stratford 10
Kimbolton in the Turnpike Era Michael Knight 10
The Oakley Hunt Steeplechases at Kimbolton Racecourse Roy Butler 10
The Latin Master's Story Paul Bryant-Quinn 10
Kimbolton in 1912 and 1915 - Snapshots St Neots Advertiser 10
Kimbolton Ladies Hockey Club Roy Butler 11
William Burn; Kimbolton's forgotten architect Nora Butler 11
Politics and the Pellegrini murals Andrew Bamford 11
The housemaid's story Nora Butler 11
Postal deliveries in Stonely in 1863 CRO 11
Commander Frederick Welstead RN David Hilton 11
Frederick Welstead and the Stonely Pound CRO 11


  Title Author Journal
  Abington's of Kimbolton Mary Smout 12
  Pubs in the centre of Kimbolton Jean Stratford 12
  Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini at Kimbolton Castle Frank Priest 12
  The Chapel at Kimbolton Castle Nora Butler 12
  Tennis in Kimbolton Roy Butler 12
  Life at Kimbolton Castle during World War 1 Sidney Leonard Russell 13
  Educating Lord Charles Valentine Hill 13
  Kimbolton Golf Club Roy Butler 13
  Consuelo's Legacy : the story of Kimbolton's Tiffany Window Nora Butler 13
  Rev R.J. Huntley and his orchids Jean Stratford 13
  Change and more change Mary Smout 13
  The White Lion Jean Stratford 14
  A Test of Endurance Roger Watson 14
  1st Kimbolton Guides, 1923-2010 Nora Butler 14
  First Impressions of Kimbolton in 1947 Aileen Dickens 14
  The Early Kimbolton Vestry Book Richard Anderson 14
  Sporting memories from a Century ago Charlotte Mackay-Brown 14
  Sir Jack Hobbs at Kimbolton Roy Butler 14
  Lieutenant Colonel Sir Gordon Carter Geoffrey Foster 14
  The Rookery Roy Butler 15
  Northfield School, Stonely Phyllis Parratt 15
  Valentine Hill's Letter Books Nora Butler 15
  Kimbolton Fountain Head Masaaki Okada 15
  Memories of the Kimbolton Water Supply Bill Dicks 15
  Warren House further investigated Caroline Stanford 16 
  Some 18th Century remedies Anon 16 
  Kimbolton and the 1830 Swing Riots Nora Butler 16 
  Kimbolton 1875: a year of demolition Roy Butler 16 
  Huntingdonshire By-election of 1877 Andrew Bamford 16 
  Kimbolton & District Comrades Club,1919 Roger Watson 16 

Kimbolton in the Early Twenties (Extracts from articles written

for the Kimbolton Parish Magazine)


Kyffin Owen



  The Kimbolton War Memorial Jean Stratford 18
  The Kimbolton World War 1 POW Camp Colin Chapman 18
  Brookside, Kimbolton Roy Butler 18
  St Andrew's Church: the Montagu Vault Nora Butler 18
  History of the Mandeville Hall Jean Stratford 19
  Kimbolton Gas Works Roy Butler 19
  Kimbolton Airfield in World War II Robert Oliver 19
  Huntingdonshire Eclogue John Greening 19
  Handel and 4th Earl of Manchester Nora Butler 19
  World War I German Prisoners-of War at Kimbolton Castle   19
  The Fish Ponds Roy Butler 20
  Castle Gardens: then and now Jonathan Pointer & Nora Butler 20
  HRH Prince of Wales at Kimbolton Roy Butler 20
  TAG - Kimbolton's Traffic Action Group Derrick Papworth 20

Katherine of Aragon at Kimbolton Castle: Some Unanswered



Nora Butler



  Kimbolton War Memorial, 1939 - 1945 Roger Watson 21
  The Montagu Players Roy Butler 21
  Henry King, 1835 - 1915 Jean Stratford 21
  Helletts of Kimbolton David How 22
  Electricity at the Castle Nora Butler 22
  Castle Anecdotes: two near misses   22
  The Kimbolton Cage Roy Butler 22

An 18th Century Garden Plan in the Manchester Collection at

Huntingdon Archives

Jonathan Pointer 22
  A terrific storm at Kimbolton   22