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Black History Month Resource documents Folder 5 items 07/10/22
community cohesion in schools
Microsoft PowerPoint 1,348 kb 07/10/22
Events Publicity Folder 4 items 07/10/22
Faith and the Environment seminar Folder 2 items 07/10/22
Happy Naw Ruz greetings & images
Microsoft PowerPoint 2,011 kb 07/10/22
Holocaust Memorial Day newsletters Folder 5 items 07/10/22
London Week of Peace Folder 7 items 07/10/22
Offer of multi faith panel visits to schools
PDF 56 kb 07/10/22
Religious Believers visiting schools
PDF 78 kb 07/10/22
report on multi faith panel visit to Coombe Sixth Form
PDF 66 kb 07/10/22
route and times of inter faith walk Sunday 5 July
Image - Jpeg 201 kb 07/10/22

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