Guides to Exhibiting Flowers including Daffodils


Guide to Showing Daffodils

A beautiful display of daffodils is the epitome of a traditional Spring show.

Check that you have correctly identified the daffodils you are exhibiting in each class and that you are showing them off in the best way.

The Society provides the regulation green bikini vases used for displaying these flowers.


Useful Information on our Website

RHS Daffodil Classification

RHS Daffodil Classification - Examples of Divisions and Colour Coding

Summary of Daffodil Classification and Showing Tips- Joe Ratlidge, KEHS

Showing Tips for Novices - Daffodil Society


Additional Sources of Information

The RHS Horticultural Show Handbook – see section on Daffodils (Narcissus) for more information on the merits and defects that judges look for.


The RHS Scale of Points for Daffodils

The scale should be used as a guide to the relative importance of the features of an exhibit.

In a class of more than one vase, each vase is judged and marked individually. Before this is done, the exhibit as a whole is marked out of an additional 10% of total points for visual impact and coverage of divisions and colour combinations.

In a class for single blooms:


Form and poise




Condition and texture




Size (for the cultivar)






 In a class with 3 or more blooms to a vase add 2 points for uniformity to the above.


If you have any queries, please contact the Show Secretary.

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