About Us

Our Purpose

In relation to the area known under the National Records of Scotland as the Settlement of Kingseat (Aberdeenshire), Settlement code S20001816, the boundaries of which are shown by the orange line on the map below. 

The organisation's purpose is the sustainability and advancement:

(a)        of health, safety and wellbeing;

(b)        of community development;

(c)        of the arts, heritage, culture or science;

(d)        of public participation in leisure and sport activities;

(e)        of the provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended; and

(f)        of environmental and wildlife protection or improvement, including recycling facilities and furthering the achievement of sustainable development.


Map Of Kingseat
























Our Activities

Our activities aim to:

  • Improve the safety of residents by seeking to establish proper management of derelict buildings within the Kingseat area, if necessary through the application of Community Right to Buy.

  • Promote Kingseat residents' involvement in community activities to enhance wellbeing and reduce isolation.

  • To preserve and celebrate the unique heritage of the former Kingseat Hospital, designed by the renowned architect A. Marshall Mackenzie, and protect the Kingseat Conservation Area.

  • To provide facilities to support the recreational use of the Kingseat parkland and play area.

  • To preserve the surrounding woodlands for the sustainability of wildlife and the enjoyment of Kingseat residents.