A website supporting and promoting the North Yorkshire County Council Super Mobile library in the rural village of Hunmanby located betwixt Wolds and Coast

Opening Times: Hunmanby Super Mobile Library is open from 10am to 12 noon on a Saturday once every two weeks. It is located in the layby by the side of Bayley Gardens, on Bridlington Street.

However due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, visits are being reduced to a visit of the Super Mobile Library, once every four weeks

The mobile library visit between March and April has been altered to 5 weeks. Please note the new date....


The Next Visit of the Super Mobile Library will be on Saturday 10th April 2021 


North Yorkshire County Council have a click and collect system so you can choose your books in advance and they will arrive in Hunmanby on the Super Mobile Library.

In addition staff have during the curent pandemic been regularly ringing regular library users to ask what books they would like. 

If you have library books these can be returned to the mobile library on the day, they will then put into quarantine.

Due to the current situation it will not be possible to board the mobile library. But Library staff can select books for you on the day from the stock on the mobile library, if you have not pre-ordered.

If you live in Hunmanby village and would like books collected and delivered to your door, or are not able to get to the Mobile Library on Saturday and would like to have some new books to read, please ring Nick Harvey on 07895 981483 and he and a team of village volunteers will aim to help ensure you have reading matter for the next few weeks.

The week of the Super Mobile Library village volunteers put up a banner outside Bayley Gardens to promote the copmmunity service and on the Friday evening the traffic cones are placed in the layby so that it is clear on Saturday morning for the Super Mobile to park


The Mobile Library Service in North Yorkshire 

 North Yorkshire County Council owns one super mobile library, this large vehicle replaced 10 mobile library vehicles 9 years ago. The super mobile library visits 20 rural locations in the county of north Yorkshire, normally this is once a fortnight Hunmanby village is one of the locations served. The Super Mobile Library offers more than just books. There are over 3,000 items in stock including books for all ages! including large print,  DVD’s and audio books. There is also normally free internet access as the vehicles were designed for the 21st Century! hence the name ‘super’ mobile library.  


Further details about Hunmanby

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Layby Outside Bayley Gardens
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07895 981483