Members requiring club support for FAC applications and renewals should be aware that club records only record your attendance at organised club days (ie those on the Shoot dates/Fixtures list page).


There are two 'privileges' of full membership:

Firstly, you can bring a guest with you on any club shoot days as long as you take them round for the day and give them safety briefings and closely supervise all their interaction with firearms.  Please let the club secretary know their name, in advance, for the signing in sheet and ensure they read our Visitors page and pre-complete the forms.

Secondly, you can shoot outside the club shoot days once you have your membership card.  The procedures for this are set out below:

HTRPC – range use outside designated club days (last updated Feb 2019)

It is possible to use the range outside designated club days on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Shooting must finish at 17:00 and cannot start before 10am.

Before planning your visit, please phone the clays club on 01322 311001 to check that you will be able to shoot on your chosen day – they may have a skeet competition or corporate day which they do not want disturbing.

Once you have confirmed the date, you can [optionally] send an e-mail to the club e-mail group to invite other members to join you. Members joining in at this stage should not phone the clays club.

There must be at least two shooters on the range at all times and all shooter must be full members of HTRPC.

Shooters must sign in at the main Clays clubhouse before going down to the range.  When you go into the clays clubhouse, turn left and go into the ‘office’ area at the end.  Ask for the HTRPC signing in book.  Sign yourselves in there and sign out again when you leave. Suggest you meet there so it is obvious that you are going down together.

Use of the range outside designated club days is only open to FULL members. The clays club know you have membership cards, so please be prepared to show them. Do not bring guests/visitors, the club want to supervise them on organised club days. Similarly for probationary members, the club want to be able to supervise your shooting on organised club days.

Whilst on the range, do not be surprised if someone from the clays club challenges you – be polite and confirm to them that you have signed in at the main club house. Be prepared to show your membership cards if requested.

Please dispose of all your cartridge cases and any other litter in our big wheelie bin. If this is getting full, please ask one of the ground staff if they will be able to empty it sometime over the next few days.

Shooters must also sign out at the main Clays clubhouse.