““It has been life changing having my homesharer living here, especially in the dark winter evenings. It really has made a positive change in my life having someone so kind and friendly around and knowing that I am not alone.“ Householder 


Do you have a spare room?

If you do, you can


  • Massively reduce your support costs
  • Receive around 10 hours assistance a week 
  • Maintain your independence 
  • Share your skills...and learn new ones!
  • Have help with shopping and activities 
  • Give a younger person a great start in life 
  • Enjoy peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones with our support
  • Feel reasured knowing there is someone around to help, or just being able to have a friendly chat


Coordinators what we do


We at Homeshare Norfolk and Suffolk conduct robust Safeguarding checks, carefully match participants and provide ongoing support and monitoring of each unique Homeshare agreement. Working hard to understand the needs, skills and goals of homesharers and householders so we can identify the best possible matches.

  • Interview 
  • Background check
  • Assess for suitability
  • Identify compatible matches
  • Facilitate the production of a voluntary agreement between householders and homesharers
  • Monitor and support matches via regular contact
  • Mediate any issues arising between homesharers.
  • Our fee for householders is only £18 per week