Academic Achievers

Our students are keen learners of the language and spare no effort in working towards achieving the highest grades in annual exams and acquiring external qualifications. Some of the remarkable achievements include three students acquiring GCE qualification in Hindi offered by the Cambridge Board and eight students acquiring the GCE qualification offered by the Edexcel International Board.

Competition Winners

The students of Hindi Bal Bhawan have been frequent winners in the National elocution and written competitions conducted by UK Hindi Samiti since 2001, an organisation founded for raising awareness of Hindi in UK. Click here to view our winners for 2009 elocution competition.

Ambassadors to India

Every year since 2003, selected students over the age of 15 from the winners of the UK Hindi Samiti's competitions across the country, enjoy a sponsored trip to India. So far, four of our students have been the winners of this coveted India trip prize. Click here to read about their India trip experiences.


Some of our students have been invited to perform in cultural events conducted by various organisations (e.g. Sarvodaya, the Global Arts) at different venues (e.g. Kingston University, the Rose Theatre) within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.