HGA History/Committee members

The Hullbridge Gardens Association was formed circa 1941 when Mr Eddy gave a piece of land in Granley Gardens, Hullbridge to be used as allotments as part of the ‘Dig for Victory campaign’. A shed was erected on site for storage of tools, materials, etc. & in 1951 the first HGA Flower & Vegetable show was held.

The Granley Gardens site was used until 1952 when the plot @ 123,Ferry Road was purchased from Mrs Ethel Chalton for £250. Mrs Chalton lived in The Elms farmhouse on the site where the Co-Op now stands & the current HGA shop plot was part of the farmyard. The old farmhouse became derelict & Mrs Chalton moved into Thorpedene Ave (it is thought??).

A shop was built on the new site to supply the needs of the local HGA members many of whom donated various materials & time to build the shop. The store shed from Granley Gardens was also moved next to the new shop.

In 1973 the HGA started a vigorous campaign for local allotments which was finally approved & opened in 1978. Mr Neil Williams of the HGA also served on the Parish Council committee set-up as part of the allotment campaign & his plans submitted for the site were accepted. Meanwhile a new shop was opened in 1974 to provide more space for an expanded range of gardens supplies. The Granley Gardens site was sold circa 1978.

The land fronting the HGA shop site has been leased to the Parish Council for a peppercorn rent (5p/annum) since 1971; the seat there is a welcome resting spot for many villagers.

Over the years the HGA shop has provided a local, economical source of gardening supplies for allotment holders & villagers alike; the annual show has been part of the village calendar with results in the 60’s & 70’s being published in local papers.

In 2019 the association staged it’s 68th show; this is a tribute to the efforts of all officials & members both past & present.

Shows in 2020/1 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 problems but the 69th show was held in September 2022 and the 70th is planned for late summer 2023.

(Note : The 71st (2024) show will be held in the Windermere Centre just behind the village Doctors surgery)

HGA history above based on data supplied by Mr. John Baxter


HGA Officials


  Honorary Chairman                         :   Mr. J Spencer

  Vice Presidents                                :   Mr. I Lewis

   Honorary Treasurer                         :   Mr. J. Spencer

   Honorary Secretary                         :   Mrs. L Scates

   Honorary Trading Secretary            :   Mr. RTownsend

   Honorary Committee Members       :   Mrs. Barbara Baker    Mr. M Kennedy   

                                                           :   Mrs. B Samson          Mrs. V. Saunders 

                                                           :   Mrs. C. Hodgson        Mrs Beryl Baker

   Honorary Show Manager                :   Mr. J A Spencer

  Honorary Show Committee              :   Mrs. Barbara Baker    Mrs. C Hodgson

                                                            :   Mrs. J Hampstead     Mrs V. Saunders

                                                            :   Mr M. Kennedy          Mrs. J. Burrell

                                                            :   Mr. J. Delasalle          Mrs Beryl Baker