162nd Hazlemere Fete 2024 *

Date: Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2024. Time: Midday to 5 pm

Hazlemere Community Centre / Sir William Ramsay School, Rose Ave, HP15 7UB

“The biggest event of its type in the area”

Can you support the 2024 Fete? We require a Fete brochure distribution coordinator and extra help to deliver the brochures. We also require a Publicity Manager , secretary and other help.

  • Two bars, over 1000 food servings, Tea, Coffee, tea and other refreshments.
  • Live music all afternoon. Broadcasting live from the site by Wycombe Sound.
  • Classic Cars, Dog Agility Display**, Fun Dog Show **.
  • Childrens area, Funfair, Craft Fair and many other attractions

Fete official Brochure – we have increased the print run to 8000 copies and these will be distributed by 50 volunteers to properties in the areas of Hazlemere, Tylers Green, Widmer End, Holmer Green and parts of Penn during the first 2 weeks of August or earlier. In full colour A5 with a planned 80 - 96 pages.

Full page £120 (portrait) Half page £70 (landscape)

Quarter page £40 (portrait) Pay in advance.

Rates for selected inside pages are negotiable. VAT does not apply to our charges.

Adverts to be in pdf or jpeg format please. Please note if you advertised before will will have your copy advert on file. You will be contacted by one of our team.

Stalls and Events on the field (per pitch)

Charity rate £25 VAT not applicable

Commercial rate £35 Special rates for fair ground, food and drink stalls.

One 5/6 ft table supplied on request at no additional cost (subject to negotiation and availability). Some stalls may be positioned in marquees but available space is limited.

For your reservations you will be contacted by one of our team.

General enquiries to Ray on 01494 813000 / 07956 676808 or E mail: penn.consult@btinternet.com

Craft Fair in Hazlemere Community Centre main hall

£20 per pitch – table supplied. Please contact the Hazlemere Community Centre direct

Tel 01494 815180

E mail: office@hcacommunity.org.uk

Become a Fête Sponsor: Please contact Ray as above for further details

Issue 1 12th March 2024. * Established 1860 ** subject to weather conditions

162nd Hazlemere Fete Flyer


Community Centre Craft Flayer




Lost and Found




Classic cars


Motley Crew



NOTE:  Community Giving by the Fete committee excludes the largest element which is provided by the ability of many and various Community activities to raise funds for their own purposes at the Fete, amounting to up to £10,000 (est).  Total raised for and by good causes exceeds £50,000 in the past ten years.





Ray Cox


07956 676808

c/o Hazlemere Community Centre, Rose Ave,
HP15 7UB