A typical performance


A Typical Performance


Room! Room! Brave Gallants Room!


Our Forty Sixth Year


The Haddenham Mummers perform the traditional village mummers play as published in 1942 by Walter Rose in his book 'Good Neighbours'.

The play was revived in 1976 and every year since then it has been performed on the days leading up to Christmas. We have two regular tours every season. The first focuses on pubs in the villages around Haddenham while the second, on the Friday before Christmas Eve, takes the performance through all the village pubs & spaces. It's a tough job but someone has to do it! You can see a YouTube video of the play here.

The total we've given away since we revived the play to over £30,000, a figure we're immensely proud of.  As usual, this season's collection will be distributed between local good causes:  The MPS Society, Helen & Douglas House, Haddenham Community Library and Haddenham.net.

In 2020 we had to cancel our Out of Village tour and had an entirely outdoor In-Village tour which proved surprisingly fun and popular. This year, with a limited number of pubs in the village, we've decided to keep the outdoor element while still supporting our village bars. We will have just the two traditional tours, starting with our Out of Village Tour on the evening of 16th.  We then have our In Village tour on Friday 23rd.  In addition we will be performing at the Haddenham Churches Together Concert on 9th and several times the following day at the Haddenham Winterfest. See the Events Calendar section (top) for more tour details.

You can find out more information by emailing Tim Chowns: timothychowns AT gmail.com (put in a real @ sign instead of AT) or by following us on Facebook



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