This page will provide updates from HM Government, NHS and other principal authorities for your information, with relevant links, and will be updated regularly.


Do you or someone you know need help due to Coronavirus?  Please see this British Red Cross Flyer for details of the support available and how to access it.


As a community, we will all be aware of neighbours, friends and family members who may be vulnerable and at risk, as well as lonely.  So what can you do to help?

  • Follow the advice from the Government and NHS
  • Pick up the phone.  A daily check on people can not only help with ensuring safety and, if necessary, medical intervention, it can be a real boost for mental health.  As this situation progresses, boredom and isolation can kick in, so it's important to talk.
  • Assist your neighbours.  You may wish to offer to pick up shopping or medication, or just offer help or a phone call.  It is important that you manage your own personal health and safeguarding by not interacting directly with anyone who may already be ill, but this is a helpful and vital way we can all make a small difference.  Please be aware of the Government restrictions relating to this.
  • Make a note of your own requirements.  In the event that you might be isolated or in need of medical assistance, it is important that anyone intervening can understand your health situation.  Write down any allergies, medication requirements, underlying health conditions etc and place them somewhere visible or share with a neighbour or family member.

We are aware that some of the most vulnerable members of our community do not have access to the internet and/or social media, so please spread the word where possible.

For help and support: 

Essex County Council, in collaboration with The Essex Public Health Team and local Facebook administrators, has launched a new Facebook page to help Essex residents during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Registration is now OPEN for any residents or businesses who want to volunteer in their local area.  Via the forms below, details will be passed directly to the group or groups that are operating near to you:



Visit the Facebook page.

If you or a family member needs help or support, please see this link for information on the Essex Welfare Service:

Tel: 0300 303 9988