Organized by Grasett Park Property Owners Association 

resident management team 

Picnic on the Green

Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May

2pm to 5pm


All Grasett Park Residents welcome



Bring a picnic & something to sit on.

Bouncy Castle

Live Music

Games and fun

Meet your neighbours




Important need to knows!

  1. 1.    This is not a public event. It is strictly for residents of Grasett Park.  Whilst we cannot stop people using the green space, further advertising of this event is discouraged


  1. 2.    You MUST take home your own rubbish afterwards to dispose of.  The bin on the green is not enough for every ones rubbish. 



  1. 3.    Parents and carers are fully responsible for their children’s safety in participation and conduct of any activity.  We welcome parents assistance in running activities! 


  1. 4.    The organisers can give direction to the activities on the green or cancel the event at any time if weather, safety or anything else creates a reason e.g. we may limit the age of children on the bouncy castle.


  1. 5.    Whilst anything provided will be free to join in, donations are encouraged to help pay for the bouncy castle (£100) any incurred costs – any excess funds will go into a summer event and balance of funds will be declared on the community website.  Martin, Carly and Marta will be responsible for good, transparent financial conduct.


More of what you need to know!!

We hope all residents agree with our guiding statement that we would all like to    

Improve the experience of living on Grasett Park Estate


Making Grasett Park Estate safer and more enjoyable for residents, their families and visitors which include children of all ages, families, those with access needs, disabilities, and pets.”

  • We’ve had three residents meetings/ workshops and a kids ‘design the green’ competition with chocolate prizes.  Each meet has been fantastic – always with friendly faces and enthusiasm.  
  • We now have priority themes and pieces of work for how we want the estate to develop.  
  • Martin and Carly have established a good working relationship with our Andium representative David Reid.  Together they have been looking at the issues of road safety, G4S effectiveness, traffic flow and community engagement.
  • We hope that by meeting and communicating together, we can investigate solutions that make the biggest positive impact on the estate from a community perspective and get things done quickly and to a good standard.

If you would like to work as part of the organising team please email speak to Martin or Carly

22:18, 25 Apr 2022 by Martin Coxshall


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