For fifty years the Goldhanger History Group has collected, preserved and disseminated local history information. A selection is on the web... 

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much of this historical information is also held in Our Files in PDF book form that can be accessed from here...
Goldhanger in the Past book (160 pages on-line)
Ancient documents (40-pages)               Historic Settlement extracts (11-pages)               Past property sales (27-pages)
    Early postcards (13 pages)                     Virtual Museum  (15 pages)                       Virtual Library (19-pages)
Authors & Characters (10-pages)                Cyril Southgate memories (11-pages)                Author: Miller Christy (5-pages)
Canon Francis Dodson (3-pages)                    Local farms (15-pages)                            Beckingham Hall (8-pages)
Salt extraction on the Blackwater (8-pages)                  Osea Island (9-pages)                                Zeppelin Busters (13-pages)           
Timeless panorama scenes (6-pages)       Timeline of historical events (6-pages)                     About this project (3-pages)      
    Cottages Lost  (23 images)                   Goldhanger in the Great War                           Local Railways in the past   
also... Read Maura Benham's book   Goldhanger - an Estuary Village  (90 pages on-line)
Read Ernest Mansfield's  Astria - The Ice Maiden   on-line (152 pages)                      and his biography (13 page summary only)
and watch these short videos...        
Goldhanger postcards                               St. Peters history                                           Osea Island postcards


this 28-page PDF is based partly on experience at St Peter's, Goldhanger:  Ellacombe Chimes Support


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