I thought it was time for another update and a reminder if people wished to stand for election. So since the last update Tricia Mole has indicated she would stand as Chair if nobody else does. So, currently the people standing for election are below. If you wish to stand, you need to let me know by 9am next Monday (3rd October). This gives me enough time to publicise who is standing via these emails and the website. Voting at the meeting on the 6th October will be by a show if hands of those attending. If you wish to stand but are unable to attend the election meeting, then we can accommodate this, please still consider standing.

I have also added another page to the website 'Committee' at the moment this is mostly blank apart from Tracey who has been nominated by the football club. It will be updated by the 4th October of the full list of candidates standing. I still haven't heard back from the Hampton Society of how they would like to be involved, although I am in touch with them. It will be important for the group to be connected to them, as it is with the football club.

Standing so far:
Chair (Tricia Mole will stand if nobody else does)
Treasurer (one candidate is standing so far; Tricia Mole)
Secretary (one candidate is standing so far; Lesley Rance)
Conservation Officer (two people are standing so far; Pauline Leggat and Tricia Mole)
Events and Membership Officer (currently no one has stood for this role)
The football club has nominated Tracey Hathaway to represent them on the committee. This role will not be voted upon. 

You can submit your nominations to me at colin@swlen.org.uk and don't forget to include a short bio in less than 300 words. Bio should include your skills, experience and interests relevant to the role/group.