The Friends of Beveree was formed in 2018 to protect and improve the Beveree Wildlife Site in Hampton, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. In August 2020 there are a number of committee vacancies, which the charity Habitats & Heritage (previously South West London Environment Network), are looking to recruit people for. If you are interested, please contact us at 

Many people are surprised to learn that local authorities in the UK have no legal duty to provide or look after parks and green spaces, despite their popularity. Community involvement is a vital way to support parks, and 'Friends groups' play a key role. Habitats & Heritage facilitates the set-up of, and supports, many 'Friends of Parks' groups across Richmond Borough with practical support, advice and networking.


Why start a Friends group?
  • facilities in the park could do with improving, such as natural habitats and play equipment
  • to raise the quality of the whole green space
  • to meet and work with other people in your neighbourhood
  • there is an issue or concern that needs action
  • to work with the Council to improve facilities
  • create benefits for all users
  • a green space or park might be threatened


What does a Friends group do? 
  • meets together regularly over the year
  • addresses concerns and issues, and identifies and supports common interests and needs
  • works with the Council's Parks Department
  • helps to plan improvements for facilities
  • talks to contractors and maintenance staff and agrees on management plans with the Council
  • supports or runs events such as seasonal celebrations at Christmas, a 'Big Lunch' or a Summer Fair
  • runs activities such as 'work days' for planting, conservation or litter collection or guided walks and talks
  • applies for grants and professional support
  • helps the community safeguard its green space
  • enables people to participate in the group across age and background
  • creates a website to promote the group and membership
  • runs a mailing list to keep people in touch with activities, news and events

To find out more about friends groups visit Habitats & Heritage's website


Being kept updated

If you would like to be kept updated about Friends of Beveree, please email us to

Currently, this website is being maintained by Habitats & Heritage, a charity dedicated to helping people and organisations protect and enhance the environment. These will be provided to the group once a committee is formed with full training and support provided. Further information about the charity can be at


Contact Information

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c/o Habitats & Heritage, E.T.N.A. Community Centre
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