As the evenings are pulling in and September has jumped upon us, it was thought another update would be useful.

We have been in contact with the football club about hosting an election meeting. They have kindly agreed and have given two dates and two possible start time. Currently we are working with people who attend initial on-site meeting about their preferred choice of dates and times, before circulating this more widely. The aim of the meeting will be elect a committee of local people to form the Friends of Beveree. SWLEN will be organising and chairing this meeting so that everyone can participate, whether they whish to stand for election or voting. Once the election has concluded there will be an opportunity for a discussion and networking. 

We are seeking people to stand for election for the following roles, some of which people have already indicated they are standing, their names are included but this is subject to change. Last day to stand will be 22nd September:

Chair (currently no one has stood for this role)

Treasurer (one candidate is standing so far; Tricia Mole )

Secretary (one candidate is standing so far; Lesley Rance)

Conservation Officer (two people are standing so far; Pauline Leggat and Tricia Mole)

Events and Membership Officer (currently no one has stood for this role)

The football club has nominated Tracy Hathaway to represent them on the committee. This role will not be voted upon. 

SWLEN is also communicating with the Hampton Society about how they can be kept involved in the Group.


The Election

  • The election shall be managed by SWLEN
  • Voting shall be by a show of hands of people attending on the evening
  • SWLEN reserves the right to add additional committee roles, in consultation and agreement, with attendees of the meeting.