Photo of the Month

 Misty winter sunrise

Misty Winter Sunrise by Marion Hayhurst


Welcome to Foss Photography Club, York, set up by a couple of enthusiasts who wish to enjoy, in a friendly social atmosphere, all aspects of photography including learning new techniques, developing skills, sharing knowledge and encouraging new photographers. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner, an experienced amateur or a professional, and whether you use a camera or a mobile, we guarantee a warm welcome and hope you will join us as a club member at our meetings and on our photographic outings. Guests are welcome to come to our meetings, for a small fee, to find out what we do and whether you would like to join.

The club name comes from the River Foss catchment which includes our local villages of Haxby, Huntington, New Earswick, Strensall and Wigginton in York and villages further up into North Yorkshire.

We have a Foss Photography Club Community Facebook group, link below. All prospective members of the group do need to answer the three simple questions you should see when applying to join. This will allow you to post your own photos, five maximum for each post please, and also allow you to post (positive and friendly!) comments on other peoples' photos should you wish to. If you like a photo but don't want to comment, please just click on the 'thumbs up' as it encourages our photographers to keep doing what they enjoy and posting their images for us all to appreciate. Thanks!