Egham Constellations is a disabled swimming club based in Runnymede. Our aim is to provide supported swimming and maintain the social/mental well-being aspects that are gained as a by-product of reaching out to isolated members of our community. The organisation provides assisted transport, has volunteer assistants to help members eg. changing, getting in/out of the water, assisting exercise/swim etc.


We also welcome volunteers to join our friendly team.

Training will be given to the level of assistance you wish to offer.


Dedicated Assisted Swimming sessions every Tuesday at Egham Orbit pool.

Visit the Egham Orbit Achieve Lifestyle website:  


We aim to make your swim accessible and fun

Egham Constellations has been set up to provide volunteer helpers who can arrange to help you with transport, changing, accessing the pool and to support you in the water depending on your personal needs.

¬  Volunteers from Egham Constellations on hand to assist you

¬  Dedicated use of the smaller pool

¬  Allocated lanes in the main pool

¬  Carefully designed changing areas with ease of access to poolside

¬  Wheelchair storage

¬  Adjustable height handrail in the smaller pool

¬  Transport Service / Accessible parking

¬  Hoists for entry / exit into the pools


Sessions will run on TUESDAYS between 11.30am and 1pm.

If you would like to take part in the Tuesday sessions and you need assistance for changing, exercise in the pool, or transport, please contact Egham Constellations. The Egham Constellations  has been set up to ensure the sessions are accessible by providing volunteer helpers, a bus pick-up and drop-off service and to co-ordinate certain aspects of the sessions at the pool.

Achieve Lifestyle have been working alongside Runnymede Access Liaison Group (RALG) to provide an inclusive environment for swimmers with disabilities. Achieve Lifestyle have also partnered with Egham Constellations Club to offer Runnymede residents with restricted mobility the opportunity to swim in a safe and friendly environment.


To find out more, please contact:

Jonathan Fisher (Chairman) 01784 435622

Pauline Carter (Treasurer) 01344 845787

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Egham Orbit, Vicarage Road
TW20 8NL