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If you are thinking of taking on a new hobby this year, joining a Music Group is a great option. Learning to play a musical instrument can be a wonderful skill and it will be a way to impress your friends and family at Christmas!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider learning to play an instrument this year.


1. You’ll be smarter

One of the best reasons to learn to play music is to increase your cognitive ability. Playing music is a way to stimulate the brain in a way that helps with memory retention and also helps you to learn new things.


2. Make friends

If you have only a small circle of friends, you might want to consider widening your social circle this year. One way to do this is to attend a music group and meet other people who are interested in music too. Being around similar people will allow you to make friends who like the same things as you and you could even make friendships that last a lifetime.


3. Playing an instrument relieves stress

It is a well-known fact that music makes you feel calm and relaxed. Music is something that has a very unique effect on our blood pressure as well as heart rate and reduces them to make us feel more relaxed and happy. Happy hormones are released through the bloodstream when we play or listen to music and it can be a wonderful escape for you if you suffer from stress often in your life.


4. You’ll feel proud

It is always good for our ego to be good at something. Just remember how happy you have been when winning at a sports game or passing your driving test, and apply this same idea to learning music. Playing a musical instrument can make you feel a huge rush of achievement and this will make a massive impact on your life. Being able to flawlessly (or not) play a piece of music will make you swell with pride and in turn, it will make you feel happier.


5. It builds your confidence

Following on from the point above, being able to play a piece of music well will make you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities and it can make all the difference to you this year. If you suffer from a lack of confidence in your everyday life you can also use the process of sitting in front of others and playing music to build up your confidence. Getting comfortable playing music in front of others is important and it will make all the difference to you and will bleed into other aspects of your life.


6. Improve patience

Life moves at such a fast pace most of the time that we can often find ourselves waiting impatiently for things to happen. Impatience can cause you to become stressed and can also cause friction between you and others in your life. Playing a musical instrument forces you to employ patience because it will take time to master the skill, and often when playing a piece for the first time you’ll need to slow it down to improve your accuracy.


7. Improve memory

If you always feel like you have a memory like a sieve, it might be a good idea to stimulate your brain by learning to play a musical instrument. Learning how to play music involves learning a lot of new things and being able to remember where notes and chords are, and how to read music yourself. By learning these things your brain will become more accustomed to learning and this will make a big difference for your memory in the future.


8. It makes you creative

One of the biggest things that can be a benefit in your life is more creativity. Creativity is something that is fun to express, and if you enjoy trying new things learning a musical instrument can really help with this. Creativity is essential for many parts of life and you might find yourself being able to extend this idea to other parts of life such as art, writing, or cooking.


Learning to play a musical instrument can be an incredibly fun skill to take on this year, and when it comes to your future life it could bring many benefits to you other than being able to play your favorite song in front of your family and friends at the Christmas table!


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