Hi DUGs,
This week marks the 120th Anniversary of George Formby's birth. I think we should do a little something to mark the occasion.
So, we're going to learn a new Formby song - 'With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock'.
The rest of the playlist is a selection of our newer songs (avoiding all those songs we've been practising over the last few weeks!).
Over the next few weeks, I'd like to have members choosing the playlists, and suggesting some new songs.
If you haven't done this yet (or, even if you have), just give me a nudge.
Dance the Night Away
In The Summer Time
I’m Leaning on a Lamppost
My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock
(Open-mic: When I'm Cleaning Windows)
Western Isles
Pencil full of Lead
Replacement Bus Blues
Me and Julio
Never Gonna Give You Up
Rockin' All Over The World
Maggie May
California Blue
Texas Hold Em
Make Me Smile
Crocodile Rock
I Love To Boogie
Meet Me On The Corner
Whistle For The Choir
DUG Song Sheets
Now that we are no longer using printed song sheets at our meetings, all new songs will be put in the Dropbox folder, rather than attached to these emails. If you want to practice any of our songs, this should allow you to view/download our full songbook: 
The PDF song sheets can also be found on our website: 
All our current songs