Hi Dugs
Ukulele Training Sessions
Many of our members joined the group as complete beginners. We have never set ourselves up as 'ukulele classes'. But we have, successfully, helped and encouraged those new members to learn enough of the basics to join in with playing, and singing along to our ukuleles.
My emphasis has always been on having fun and enjoying making music together. Having said that, I have always had the ambition that, at some point, we would have some form of teaching set up.
We are in the fortunate position to have a handful of experienced musicians in the group who have indicated that they would like to help our members progress further with their ukulele skills.
I don't want this to take over our Wednesday evening meetings, but I do think we could all benefit from some teaching. Indeed, I feel sure our enjoyment of playing together will be enhanced.
At the committee meeting last week, we decided we would try this out, perhaps for just the first half of our Wednesday meeting, once a month. Splitting members into three or four smaller groups, with a 'tutor' in each group.
This may take a couple of weeks to set up, but we will give it a try soon. Watch this space!
This week's playlist is made up mostly of new songs, recently introduced to the group. I have deliberately put together a shorter list, to allow time to go over some of these songs in a bit more depth to see how we can improve playing them.
Big Yellow Taxi
I'm on my Way
Texas Hold Em
What Was I Made For?
Blame it on the Ukuele
Make Me Smile
Me and Julio
Meet Me On The Corner
Losing My Religion
Whistle For The Choir
Sweet Home Alabama
It's that time of the month again.
For those who have not already paid, can I remind you that subs are due by the end of the month.