Hi DUGs,
Overall, last week's run-through of the songs for our upcoming events went very well.
A couple of songs need tightening up a bit (intros, phrasing, tempo), and a couple might not make it to the final setlist, but nothing too concerning.
If there's anything on the current list you don't think we should do, or if there's a song or two you think we should be doing, please let me know.
This week's playlist has been selected by Fiona.
Fiona has also chosen a lovely new song for us.
Top of the World, by The Carpenters is charming; and easy to play and sing. 
It is another of those songs that can be greatly enhanced by playing a 'Down, Down-up, Up-down-up' strum pattern (island strum), so get practising!

The song sheet is in the Dropbox folder:
It is also in the 'Our Songs' page on the new web site.
Feelin' Groovy
Top of the World
I'm on my Way
I'm Gonna Be
Dedicated Follower
I'm a Believer
Wagon Wheel
Bad Moon Rising
I'm Yours
If we have enough time, we could go over some of our newer songs:
Never Gonna Give You Up
Man on the Moon
Bring Me Sunshine
Me and Julio
Upcoming Events 
It's that time of the month again.
For those who have not already paid, can I remind you that subs are due by the end of the month.