Hi DUGs,
Well, here we are, two years this week since Jackie put a post on the local Facebook page, asking if anyone was interested in meeting up to play ukulele together.
That first week there were half a dozen of us, playing and singing in our front room. By week two, we had eight. At that point, as we had only just come out of lockdown and people were still nervous about meeting together, we stopped looking for new members. It wasn't until June of that year when we started hiring the Rural Hall, that membership started to grow. We now have over thirty members
It's astonishing to see how far we've come in those two years. And we continue to grow, both in numbers and confidence.
Speaking of growing numbers, welcome to Robert, our latest recruit who joined us last week. Because of his work pattern, Robert won't be able to join us every week, but we look forward to seeing him again very soon.
DUG First Week
D.U.G. first meeting, March 2022
Only two players from that first week are with us now (Linsay was not in the photo). Jackie was also there. Of course, not a ukulele player, but a very important part of the group. Kathleen, Simon, and John Gallagher joined us on the second week.
So, this week we are going to mark the occasion with a little celebration. We will raise a glass to the Doune Ukulele Group (non-alcoholic for the drivers). There will also be some nibbles.
I would like to get a good photograph of the group so, if you have a DUG t-shirt, please wear it - THIS WEEK! 😉
Our playlist this week will start off with a few ukulele-themed songs (we practised some new ones last week).
We also have a couple of open-mic spots on the same theme.
The rest of this week's playlist is made up of songs that we learned and played together in that first few weeks, two years ago.


Everybody Ought to Play the Ukulele
Hallelujah (Ukulele)
Got a Ukulele
I'm a Ukulele Player
Blame it on the Ukulele
(Open Mic)
Iko Iko
Feelin' Groovy
Folsom Prison Blues
Three Craws
Wild Rover
Mairi's Wedding
Ride a White Swan
End of the Line

Links to some of the YouTube videos we looked at last week are here.

Blame it on the Ukulele:
Got a Ukulele:
I'm The Urban Spaceman (I'm a Ukulele Player)

Diary Dates

Callander Arthritis Care - Friday 24th May, 2pm. Callander Kirk
3F - Tuesday 28th May, 7pm, Briarlands Farm, Blair Drummond