About Destiny7CIC
Destiny 7 CIC (D7) is a preventative Youth Programme desgined to help young people navigate the complicated issues around sexual health.
D7 is passionate about young people and have a desire to see them fulfil their potential and become all that they can be! Navigating the complicated issues around relationships and sexual health can be a confusing time for them. D7 aims to come alongside young people at the important transitional stages of their development to support, educate and equip them witih revelvant information to be able to make informed choices. The core aim of D7 is to insill value, and to raise confidence and self esteem.
About Patsy Ferreira
Patsy is a qualifed Personal, Social, Health Education practitioner, specialising in Relationships and Sex Eduation.
She has been teaching PSHE for the past 11 years in schools, community groups and youth settings ex.  She is extremely passionate about young people and has a real desire to see them equipped with information to make good quality choices in every area of their life. 
Patsy has worked in several boroughs delivering various programmes - which has received positive testimonies including from the young people she has worked with. She is the founder and director of Destiny 7 CIC, which was birthed out of her passion to see young people fulfil their potential and avoid the negative consequences from poor choices made regarding sexual health. 
Patsy is a Certified FAST UK Trainer, (Families And Schools Together). FAST is an evidence based early intervention parenting programme 'which supports children’s learning at home to help them fulfil their potential at school'. Patsy trains multi agency teams to deliver the FAST programme in schools, and is responsible for ensuring that the teams are trained and coached.
Patsy is also passionate about her community, and understands that healthy people in turn make healthy communities.  She believes that by investing in the next generation, we can build healthy, confident adults of the future.
Patsy believes that we have a responsibility to nuture and empower young people, in order to bring out whats inside, counteract the negative pressures of societal expectations, and thus enable them to fulfil their fullest potential!