2nd April 2024

There was an excellent turn out at Cranborne Sports Club on the evening of 2nd April for our Annual General Meeting and Chris Bright’s trip into the past with old photos of Cranborne and its people.

The chairman’s, treasurer’s and secretary’s reports were presented by Chris and Dorothy. We have had a successful year of talks and last summer’s outing was to Rockbourne Roman Villa followed by refreshments at Alderholt Mill. This year’s outing will be in August to The Ancient Technology Centre here in Cranborne.

The secretary explained that the society is a member of the British Association for Local History and links to some of their papers would be presented to members in due course for those interested.

A brief run through this coming year’s talks was given to whet people’s appetites; please select ‘2024-25 Programme’ link on the website for details.

Also, the importance of our Data Protection Policy was stressed i.e. how members personal contact details will be held securely and updated in future. The policy and the society constitution are available on the society’s website.

The role of Publicity Officer on the committee has been created to manage the society’s Facebook page and new website. The interim Publicity Officer, Mike, gave a brief description of both sites and how they will hopefully keep members and visitors informed.

The committee then resigned and were then duly returned to their posts for another year. The chairman mentioned that additional committee members would be welcome if anyone wished to volunteer.

Chris’s talk then followed. It sparked lots of memories of Cranborne folk, of past events and celebrations and some of the changes that have happened in the village over the years. Thanks to Chris.

We would also like to thank Steph for hosting the meeting at the Sports Club again and to Neil for organising the tables and seating for the evening. Excellent service.

Thanks also to Linda and Dorothy for organising refreshments and to Anne for running the raffle.




Tuesday 5th March 2024

Cranborne Sports Club was packed on Tuesday evening, 5th March, for an interesting talk on 'The Past 50 Years of Cranborne Estate' given by Gavin Fauvel, the Estate Director. Gavin dipped into history a bit further back at times and this added to the story. He informed us about the people from the village associated with the estate and how the estate has modernised in the early 21st century. Thank you Gavin.

Many thanks to Steph at the club for hosting us again while the village hall is out of action.

Thanks also go to the ladies serving refreshments, to members who donated raffle prizes and to those who helped move the furniture around so we could fit everyone in.

Our talk on Tuesday 2nd April will be given by our chairman Chris at Cranborne Sports Club. The title is 'A Trip Into The Past, Old Photos Of Cranborne and its People'.