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Campaign to appoint a Commissioner for older people. As the government of UK, and the Digital IT industry continue to recognise the special needs and issues of older people a group of us are starting this campaign. We are collecting email addresses of people interested in campaigning for a Commissioner for older people, similar to the present Commissioner for Children.



My name is Maureen Childs and I have created this website because I feel that Senior Issues are being left out by major decision makers. I have gathered a  group of older people that have decided that it is time to elect a commissioner to champion the voices of older people.

Making sure that those making decisions listen to what seniors have to say. I felt – like many of us – that seniors have sacrificed so much in the distant past and during the pandemic and the need to help compensate for these injustices.. We want to hear from older people across England about their families, their friends, their communities and their aspirations for the future. And so, I have started this website to ask seniors for their experiences to offer more insight into the needs of seniors of the UK.

We would call for a census for seniors to express their opinions across age, gender, ethnicity, family income levels, locations and vulnerability and what seniors want 

Is it – a good home life, enough money, friends, to feel well and to be part of a community.

Older people today are a generation of thoughtful, passionate individuals who care about their communities.. Unlike any other generation, the seniors of today are bombarded with unfiltered and uncensored information that isolates them from their communities and we wish to ignite their passion to ensure that this world is fair and equal for everyone no matter where or what you are born. Seniors simply hope for a fair chance and value a society where all can succeed. As adults we need to make sure that this is the case.

I want to take to 5 pillars of 'life', as seniors experience it, chapter by chapter.


As I mentioned, Seniors  are civic-minded, social and outward-looking. They care about improving their neighbourhoods and they want themselves and others to be treated fairly by everyone.

After such a long period of isolation with the pandemic, they once again want to feel part of something larger than themselves – part of a caring community. And they want things to do – activities that are affordable, fun, sustaining and, importantly, safe. Seniors want safe places to meet and they need a safer online world – I have been working tirelessly with organisations such as Age\uk, Independent Age, National Pensioners Convention and social media platforms, exploring ways to strengthen the online safety bill so we can all work towards a safer and happier online world for seniors.


Linked to a safer online and offline world is older peoples health and wellbeing. Seniors want to be happy and well. Following the lessons of the pandemic, and the toll it took on older people’s wellbeing, this is a generation conscious of the artificial dichotomy between mental and physical health.

And whilst most seniors claim to be happy, some are really struggling with their mental wellbeing 

Seniors want simple things – someone to talk to when they are worried and before things get worse. This is why we must make seniors  wellbeing and access to good healthcare a priority. We feel that we need to work with the Secretary of State for Health, NHS England and others across government to push for these solutions. We won’t stop until we get the changes we all want to see and that our seniors deserve.

Education and Activities

Rebalancing the education system to make it as fair and nurturing as possible is a clear priority in every facet of life. Ensuring Seniors in the UK all have access to places of learning, Community Centres , places to meet friends and create Art and Crafts. So many centres of learning for older people have been closed in the last 10 years. Remember this is a generation of retired astronauts, computer scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs! They are concerned about their future The NHS, Pensions and the Care system which interestingly is true across all ages and demographics.


As their friends and family die they are devastated and miss a loving, stable and supportive family life, so it is extremely important to consider both now and for their future. Seniors need more help for themselves when they are struggling.

We need extensive quantitative and qualitative research, and a review of the present systems Seniors need practical and emotional support.

Social care

There needs to be an extensive review of the care system and Care Homes. It should not be a 'Post Code Lottery'. There is a severe lack of consistency and stability which limits their life chances. What ever it might be, we need to put a system in place that enables a happy and safe existence in their later years. We owe it to all seniors in the care system wherever they are in the country.


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