The Stuart Downey Collection

Farm at Braemar Grampion

stu braemar

Watercolour from a painting by David Bellamy

Little Langdale

stu little langdale

Watercolour from a Painting by David Bellamy

 Spanish Steps

stu italia

Watercolour Painted 2013 .


The Village Blacksmith

stu black smith
Watercolour Painted in 2013

Dawn at West Mersea

stu mersea
From a painting by John Killens Watercolour Painted 2013

Ross on Wye

stu ros
Watercolour Painted 2012 From a painting by Ray Campbell Smith

An English Village

stu vill
Watercolour Painted 2014

A Village In Winter

stu vill wint
Watercolour Painted 2011

Tower Bridge London

stu tower
Watercolour  Painted 2010

The Dales

stu dales
Watercolour  Painted 2014

Grange in Borrowdale

stu grange
From Developing Style in Watercolour By Ray Campbell Smith Painted 2012

Peaceful Haven

stu peaceful
Watercolour Painted  2012


stu windsor
Watercolour 2012
From a painting by Ray Campbell Smith

An English Village

stu eng
Watercolour 2012

Her Ladyships Dressing Table

stu dresser
Watercolour Painted 2012

A Country Garden

stu country
Watercolour Painted August 2013

Provence Farmhouse

stu prov
Watercolour  September 2013
From A Painting by Tim Fisher

Burford Cotswolds

stu burford
Watercolour Painted 2013

Cotswold Village

stu cots wold
From a Painting by Ray Campbell Smith Painted 2009

Spanish Village

stu spanish
Water colour Painted 2009

Rounding Cape Finnistere

stu finistere
Watercolour Painted 2009

La Petite  Cafe'

stu cafe
Watercolour Painted 2010

An Apple a Day

stu stil life
Watercolour Painted 2009

The Little Bee

stu little b


Water Colour Painted 2014

Smugglers Cove

stu smugglers

Watercolour 2015

In The Bleak Midwinter

stu winter

Watercolour 2015