ECC Army & Navy Junction Proposals Comments

1. A subway should be included for the benefit of all users of the junction because it would result in fewer stop-starts for both motorised and non-motorised users.  In addition, it would reduce the amount of pollution and free-up capacity e.g. to help buses in Baddow Road.  If not done now, in future years residents will ask why capacity was not maximised.  From examining the plans, there seems to be space to include a subway and ramps at least with the T-junctions option. 
2. The proposed new segregated cycleroute into the city centre should be implemented as soon as possible to encourage modal shift before reconstruction of the junction.
3. Provision should be made in the design for the most direct cycleroute on the north side of Baddow bypass towards Sandon Park development site.
4. On Van Diemans Road, it is more convenient to have cycleways on both sides of the road (rather than 2-way on one side only).


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