Notes by CCAG

ECC Chelmsford Cycling Infrastructure Development Group 10th Jan 2013 2pm

As illustrated above, the last formal meeting between CCAG and Essex Highways designers was in 2013. ECC discontinued the meetings. Since then it has been difficult to make positive input.   

Chelmsford Cycling Infrastructure Development Team Meeting

at Essex County Council 18th September 2012


John Hammond (CCAG)                                  Rob Venables (ECC)

Allan Trigg (CCAG)                                              Matthew Hodgkinson (ECC)

Rosemary Wilkins (ECC)                         Glen Parkington (CCC Parks)

Richard Mackrodt (ECC)


Update on ECC Highways Restructuring.

 RW advised that Essex Highways staff consultations had now finished and employees will shortly have to apply for jobs; a process that should be completed by the end of October.

Project Manager to support Chelmsford Cycle Development Group has not been agreed yet.

On the financial front, there is an overall £8 million integrated transport pot for Essex and the distribution of these funds is now to be decided by Local Highways Panels for the various districts. Chelmsford is expected to get £1 million but what, if any, cycling schemes will go ahead is to be decided by the District and County Councillors on the Panel.

These new Panels are very much in the embryo stage and it will be very much a learning process with the decision procedure still being decided. It is hoped that some projects can be approved and progressed as there is the possibility that any money unspent at 31/03/13 may not be carried over to the next financial year.

A list of possible schemes that had been sighted was just a summary of previous ideas. RV offered to try to get more information about the schemes for JH.

Review of Minutes – 6th March 2012.

 Kings Head Walk – RW had progressed matters for provision of dropped kerb by Bailey Bridge but awaits the go ahead before anything can be done.

 Army & Navy subway improvements -– It was asked if the action needed for extra width (remove glazed blocks, setback handrails) could go ahead, although there was some questioning of the need for trial holes. RW to look into an updating of the quote on the trial holes but she thought the gain rather minimal.

 Stump Lane – RW to chase re the vegetation problem although others mentioned that there are procedural problems dealing with growth from private property.

 Van Diemans Road, Lady Lane to Parkway - RW still to organise shared footway Orders.

 Army & Navy Hotel & Grogans Development - RW still to organise shared footway Orders.

 High Street Draft Orders – For cycle use before 10am and after 6pm (same as delivery vehicles) two way. Amended wording requested by Chelmsford Council for the top end of Tindal Street (all to be one way) and the Chelmer Valley Park & Ride bus stop that needed to be brought nearer the High Street.

 Parkway New London Road and Moulsham Street underpasses - Prohibition orders on cycling had been lifted but the ramps need orders for shared use before cycling could be officially allowed.

 Cycle Counter data still to be sent to JH although RW said that it was now somewhat out of date.

 Central Campus Site, Park Road – RM said that there was still much to be negotiated. ECC Highway had adopted the western cycle route with a completion certificate being issued. At least that was the understanding. As regards the East–West route there was a problem as it goes over a structure (underground car park). Garry White (Rights of Way) says this means that ECC does not want to adopt it.

 Cycle Strategy Governance – RW to ask again how this will work with restructuring.

 Waterhouse Lane and Beeches Road Signs – RW to chase putting direction right.

 Sign Review stopped as not finished before change of contract. Copy of March version to be sent to JH.

 Review of Programmed Routes

 Little was said except with regard to the Gt Baddow to City Centre route. Peter Marriage had agreed to a topographic survey. A date to go on site needs to be agreed. Funds (section 106) within the budget had now increased to £330K.

 Section 106 funds for Cycle Schemes

 The Highway panels needed to be acquainted with these funds so that they were aware of what was going on in their area and to recommend a top up if needed.

At this point the cricket ground development was discussed and in particular comments were made concerning the proposed bridge intended to have an adopted cycle highway on it. (Is this not a contradiction of alleged Central Campus adoption problems?) No progress and it seems no financial partner to progress matters.

 Quick Wins

 Various barriers on cycle-paths and at underpasses had been removed and the action found favour with the majority although GP of Chelmsford Parks Dept expressed some concerns about easy access for travellers and the like.


 JH asked about the proposed “Cycle Hub” at Chelmsford Rail Station and was advised that Greater Anglia intended to provide 1,000 secure parking spaces ( 2 level) for cyclists. The project may be started by November



Chelmsford Cycling Infrastructure Development Team Meeting at Essex County Council 6th March 2012


John Hammond (CCAG)

Allan Trigg (CCAG)

John Purvis (Sustrans)

Rosemary Wilkins (ECC)

Mary Young (ECC)

Gordon Wyper (ECC)

Chris Robinson (ECC)

Glen Parkington (CBC parks)


Matters Arising from Minutes 22nd November 2011


1. Kings Head Walk to rear of Tesco Homestore (upgrade path by River Chelmer). No start date yet but has funding and go ahead. ECC to chase with urgency as there is a need to finish the work by 31st March. A change of contractor from 1st April could be a problem if the work is still pending.


2. Army & Navy Subway improvements: MY said nothing done as it was claimed that a trial hole would exhaust most of the funding. It was claimed that the task would necessitate closing a road lane with the expected cost of around £2000. MY will let JH know costs and then meeting will decide what to do.


3. Developer contributions (section 106)– MY will send JH a spread sheet giving data.


4. Stump Lane cycle crossing vegetation clearance:– RW thought this had been done and will investigate.


5. Van Diemans Road and Parkway (Lady Lane to Goldlay Avenue) The footway is wide enough for shared use and no need for any design work. RW will progress conversion order.


6. High Street and New London Road subway Cycling Orders – RW said there has been supportive response from Town Centre Manager. Chief Officer Action is with Chris Stephenson for signing.


7. RW will send JH the data from cycle counters.


8. Redevelopment of former ARU Site, Park Rd: – No improvement likely to the subway ramp. Proposed foodstore element now unlikely. Status of public paths to Duke St and Victoria Road South still not resolved.


Issues & Actions Log


9 Quick Wins. Reduction of barriers (e.g. The Avenues and North Springfield) and dropped kerbs (e.g. Longstomps subway and Bond St) needs to be done by 31st March.


Programmed Schemes


10. Updated Number 1.4 should now relate to the A & N Subway


11. Baddow Meads route - JH requested to see Draft scheme when available. Awaiting topographical survey. Landowner (Mr Marriage) sympathetic to cycle route but wants to get planning permission for a hotel. Compulsory purchase may be needed if route is to proceed.

Jewsons redevelopment:– Discussions continue with difficulties of traffic solutions.


12. Writtle route new direction signs: AT/JH said direction signs near Waterhouse Lane subway are misleading. JH also requested a copy of the intended route to Broomfield.

JH requested that future signs should be simplified not to use half minutes beyond double figures.


13. Beeches Road: JH said recently erected direction sign to Town Centre has been turned to point wrong way. It needs a grub screw or other means of fixing.


14. Meadgate Terrace: – RW claimed that route to Army & Navy subway would not be needed if Baddow Meads route is built. JH said it would serve a different desire line.


15. Two schemes will be added: – Broomfield route signage and Chelmsford signage. Moulsham Lodge Community Centre scheme will be deleted as not programmed.




16. Funding for next year in the region of £8 -9 million but covers all Highways needs except major schemes. Area Highway Panels will be set up with County Councillors involved and they will decide how to allocate money for projects in their areas.


17. Sustrans are considering signage informing of approaches to national routes. e.g. NCN1 in parks.


18. AT mentioned the false one way in Savernake Road and the St John’s Hospital planning application, which had previously proposed a cycle path parallel to Wood St.


The next meeting will be 18th, 19th or 20th June.