Review of Bulmer Village Envelopes by Braintree District Council 2012 (please note none of these proposals were granted at this review).

Update January 2012 - Councillors have accepted officers recommendations and these sites will not be added to the Villiage Envelopes. -------------------------------------------------------------

Braintree District Council (BDC) has invited landowners and developers to submit requests for areas to be included in the village envelope. As a result four areas indicated on the maps displayed have been submitted to BDC, and are now seeking the views of Bulmer Parish Council.

These requests (BUL2, 3 & 4 Bulmer Tye & BUL1 Bulmer Street on the maps displayed below) are at this stage purely just that, no decisions have been made and if they are added to our envelopes, planning permission would still have to be made and accepted before any building can take place.

Consultation process is now closed, the Parish Council has submitted it views and the Council now awaits BDC decision.

BUL2 is part of the builders yard on A131 opposite Blacksmiths Lane
BUL3 is between the Piano outlet and Park Lane
BUL4 is on the corner of Church Road & the A131 


BUL1 is the paddocks behind Bulmer Street