Leases and Land Certificates for Land Owned by Bulmer Parish Council

The following are held in safe custody at Barclays Bank 

Field Name Acreage Current Usage Map to location link Land Registary Ref.
Great Dean Field 2.46 Grazing A Ex 677302
Little Dean Spinney 1.64 Conservation Area B Ex 677301
Turnpike Piece 1.07 Allotments D Ex 627636
Almshouse Piece - 1 2.54 Grazing G Ex 727605
Almshouse Piece - 2 1.045 Grazing J
Almshouse Piece - 3 0.394 Garden Allotment K
Almshouse Field 6.08 Grazing H Ex 727601
Coe's Meadow   Recreation Ground X Ex 698620
Clapps Farm Piece 1.09 Garden Allotment E Ex 730940
Plough Green 1.1 Open Space L Ex 730938
Tye Corner 0.32 Arable Farmimg F
Bakers Field 2.2

School Car Park

& wildlife area

M Ex 622796
Church Meadow 1.5 Car Park & Open Space Y Registered Ref.TBA
Bulmer Village Hall (Land only)   Village activities W