21st Feb. 2006

Coe’s Meadow Management Committee


Minutes of Committee meeting in Village Hall on Tuesday 21st February 2006



Those present:   Ted Wood (Chair), Steve Cant, Irene Dickinson, Ken Mills and Jeff Wright.
                         There were 2 members of the public present.





These were received from Rachel Duncan, Simon Harris, and Sean Maynard.     



Minutes of the previous meeting
he minutes were approved.



Matters arising

1.      Securing tree trunks in car park area.
This is still outstanding but KM and TW will endeavour to complete this work soon.

Ken Mills

Ted Wood


2.      Noise reduction from the basket ball area.
KM had discussed with Bobbie Franklin the arrangements for ‘experiencing the noise from her viewpoint’ (in their garden) and visiting a sports surface in Braintree. This has not yet been put into action due to a variety of reasons e.g. weather, time but will done as soon as is convenient to all parties concerned.

3.      Car park gates
ID advised that opening and closing of the gates is not perfect but is manageable.

Jeff Wright

Ken Mills





Noise reduction from the basket ball court.
SC presented a proposal from Playtop for covering the court with a granulated material which should deaden the sound of the basket ball bounce. The material could be laid at a thickness of either 20mms (standard) or 40mms. Given an approximate area of 100 sq. metres the quotes were:

                                20 mms thick = £3629
                                40 mms thick = £4343

These quotes exclude an edging which would require installation particularly for the thicker layer. SC advised that it would not be sensible to install until warmer weather came in spring, and there was a 6 week lead time anyway. The meeting agreed that this material could possibly be appropriate but asked SC to find a site to examine and thus experience the likely noise reduction.

SC recommended reducing the sound from the post and board by filling the hollow pole with sand and lagging the rear surface of the back board. The meeting agreed this and SC to action.

TW reported that he had an estimate from Wiles Ltd to move the rustic seats to a new location (discussed under item 7). Wiles to seek advice from TW & KM on precise location for installation.                  






Steve Cant


Steve Cant







Production of notice board

JW reported that due to pressures from his own work no further progress has been made on this since the last meeting. JW will endeavour to now progress this with urgency as the notice board must be in place for the meadow opening in mid-July.

TW reported that a plaque had been received from Essex Environment Trust which will require mounting on the notice board under glass. The precise requirements for notices indicating the contribution from Living Spaces and Doorstep Greens is not as yet known. KM will follow up on this. 

Jeff Wright



Ken Mills


Visit by Anglia Television.

TW reported that Anglia TV would visit the meadow on Saturday 25th February to shoot some film to incorporate into a programme on the use of Lottery funding in East Anglia. (Starting at 9.30am). Members are asked to try to get as many children as possible out to play at that time.



Seating around the meadow.

At the previous meeting, KM had proposed that further seating be provided. Before this meeting, by e-mail, he had recommended that 3 seats be purchased of the Allington style which fits in with the Allington picnic sets. He tabled a plan (attached) showing the location of these seats including the moving of the rustic seats which will now be looking at the football area and located with the backs to the car park. The single Allington bench, currently in the bay of the ‘banana’ path, will be repositioned to the curved path around the pond. Two new Allington seats will be positioned in the bay of the ‘banana’ path, whilst the third will be positioned in the bay on the gravel path near the dipping platform. The meeting agreed with the plan and agreed also that members would install the seats themselves (other than the rustic seats which will be handled by Wiles Ltd.)




Ken Mills and helpers





Further fencing along southern boundary; footpath extension to pavement.

TW reported that a local contractor Whitehead Contracts will erect 50 metres fencing along the southern boundary of the meadow near John Kent’s house to protect the hedge from walkers and cyclists cutting through from the path to the meadow. Wiles Ltd will create a tarmac surfaced link between the gravel path and the Vicars Orchard pavement.



Opening of Coe’s Meadow

TW has asked if David Monk (of Essex Radio) would open the meadow and has given the date 15th July; this is the last weekend before the end of school term. ID recommended that the date is checked against World Cup fixtures to prevent a clash and possible non-attendance at the opening. (Final and third place playoff take place on previous week-end.) TW would look to invite other organisations in the village to help in making this a village event. It was suggested that people would be asked to bring a picnic but with the option to purchase a hog roast dish. TW to investigate options.

Ted Wood


Living Spaces

KM reported that a Living Spaces assessor was visiting on the following Friday. As well as checking out the site he would seek reassurance that all the granted money was being spent on the meadow. KM tabled a report showing the immediate and projected work and its funding (attached). This shows the items of expenditure on immediate work that will complete the full drawdown of the Living Spaces grant. It also shows a projected expectation of how the Doorstep Greens grant will be taken up. The meeting approved the report.





Any Other Business

SH had raised the need to replace the net on the goal which is in poor state of repair. This was agreed; TW to action. SH had also suggested replacing the basketball net; this was not agreed at the present time.

KM pointed out that at the end of March there would be a requirement to agree that the snagging list of work, specified by Blakes, had been carried out by Urban Forestry so that they could claim the monies retained. It was agreed that TW and KM would examine the list.

KM reported that, at long last, he had received a report on the inspection of the playing equipment. This had been carried out by a company called eye2 IS Ltd on behalf of the Playing Fields Association for Braintree District Council. All items had been assessed as safe for ongoing use; there were no recommendations generally or for maintenance. There was an observation that the grass matting tiles had split near the edge of fall area below the tractor tyre swing. However, this does not appear to be of such concern to lead to any recommendation. 

Ted Wood

Ken Mills







Date of next meeting

It was agreed to next meet on Wednesday 22nd March 2006 at 7.30pm in the village hall. The meeting would be the AGM followed by an ordinary meeting. TW to arrange booking.

Ted Wood