20th Jan. 2009

Coe's Meadow Management Committee
Minutes of CMMC meeting held in the Village Hall 20th January 2009.

Present: Chris Leigh, Sarah Carpenter, Niall Fraser, Peter Fulcher, Jeff Wright. Apologies for absence: Harry Wright, Annie Reid


1. Gates: padlocks are mow back on the gates after Tarmac work on the car park bas been completed. It was decided it was not necessary to lock the gates at the moment. The committee proposed that CL should ask AR to go on the rota for the gates.

2. Hedges along The Street frontage. It was agreed that these need trimming but not lowering too much. PF to report to BPC.

Thanks to Mike and Simon for work along the path.

Simon Harris to be approached by CL regarding the ''wigloo''.

3. Sign boards. The spare board has now been received from Simon Harris by CL. NF to keep in store at home.

Replace damaged worn CMMC logo on existing signs. Quote needed - action CL.

Additional signs required as recommended by ROSPA - discussed and agreed to have one general sign on spare sign board. Position prominently on field - NF to word text for approval- action NF.      .

4. Benches. Peter Jolly asked if he could place a memorial bench for Brenda on the meadow. To be positioned by the swings. Peter to provide the bench. Approved by CMMC. Tony Dixie to carry out work on positioning the benches and setting new sockets for goal posts. He will also fix the sign board - quoted £400.00.

5. Budget. Chris reported that CMMC has £400.00 left in yearly budget. Next allocation of funds will be April 2009. It was decided that any monies spent on behalf of CMMC should be agreed by the committee.

6. Field Inspections. Alan Burbidge reported that some fixing clips are needed for the waste bins. Acknowledge note from AB for gift from CMMC. General discussion about adding to play equipment - possibly to mark anniversary of 5th year of opening. For this we would need a grant CL to speak to Barbara.

PF to source play equipment catalogues.

7. Fun Day. Date now agreed 21/6/09. PF to ask Stour Valley Trust about other activities for children other than bird boxes.

Donkeys to be arranged by CL. Fox - beer tent and Pimms. Morris Dancing - CL Scarecrow Competition.

Bran tub - prizes.

Face Painting - need third person to volunteer.

School Table.

Rounders instead of cricket

Penalty shoot out.

Srawberries & Cream Teas.

(remote control cars) NF to get details. To be discussed at next meeting.

7. Road Signs. Indicating play area to be erected on The Street Position to be agreed. The rule for keeping dogs on lead on the meadow is not being obeyed. PF to speak to Community Warden.

Next meeting: Tuesday 17th March 2009 at 7.30 pm - Village Hall.