12th March 2008

Minutes of CMMC meeting held in the Village Hall 12th March 2008.


Present:  Chris Leigh, Sarah Carpenter, Peter Fulcher, Jeff Wright, Niall Fraser.

Apologies for absence: Harry Wright & Emma Hamilton. Emma is not able to continue on the committee for family reasons.

Annie Reid - Brickwall Barn is to join the committee and become secretary.

The current committee;

Christine Leigh (Chairperson) 378133 (CL), Annie Reid (Secretary) (AR), Peter Fulcher (Parish Council representative) (PF), Jeff Wright (JW), Harry Wright (HW), Sarah Carpenter (SC), Niall Fraser (NF)

Wish to extend their thanks to the previous committee for all their hard work in establishing Coe's Meadow.


The matting under the swing has been replaced. Goal and basketball nets have been ordered. Chris said that the goalpost sockets and pegs for the nets may need to be replaced. These will be ordered after inspection if necessary. A number of new willows have been replaced in the wigwam by Simon Harris.

Field Inspection.

On inspection it was noticed that there is some loose matting by the front hedge, which will need to be re-pegged.

Chris said that there was nothing in the original budget for marking out the basketball court. Chris to research further.

Chris to look into the possibility of training 2 committee members to do a more detailed inspection of the equipment on the meadow.

Lime Avenue.

CL confirms that BPC advises that the maintenance of the Lime Avenue  is the responsibility of CMMC.

Additional Benches.

CL reported that the 2 additional benches in Margaret Mills' garage need to be reinstated on the meadow. Discussion took place as to how these will need to be installed and a decision will be made at the next meeting. It was suggested that a bench be positioned near the swings - backing onto the Street and, possibly, re-site the bench near the pond.

Car Park Maintenance.

CL raised the point that a lot of maintenance needs to be carried out in the gate area. NF is to get an estimate from Blackwells. BPC advised that 2 further estimates are needed. All estimates to be in writing for the next meeting. After the gateway maintenance has been carried out, the car park needs to be prepared and re-seeded. The car park will have to then be closed for 2 -3 weeks to allow the grass to get established.

Work Party.

CL suggested we have a work party for general maintenance to get the meadow ready for the summer. The committee decided this would be better done once the work on the car park is complete. When this date is decided a notice will be put on the village notice board & village website to ask for volunteers.

General Maintenance.

CL raised the matter of tidying up the ditch along The Street. PF is to raise the matter with BPC.                                       

Alan Burbidge advised the committee that the reeds need to be removed from the pond, as they are detrimental and invasive. Because they are deep rooted machinery will be needed to remove them.

Children's Project - Bird Boxes.

PF is looking into having bird boxes in the meadow and to involve the children to possibly assemble and fix the boxes in position. PF after advice from Peter Innes said that it was inadvisable to have bat boxes.

Proposed Fun Day.

Committee agreed the date should be 29th June. It was proposed that we should have softball cricket / rounders, boules (tuition by Barbara Rawlins), basketball competition, children and parents races and, hopefully, donkey rides for the children. Cream teas to be served (volunteers to make scones etc.)

Date of next meeting - 16th April in Village Hall, everyone welcome