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The main hall with coloured lighting and stage
Fully equipped kitchen (bring own cutlery)
Bar area available (not licensed for alcohol)
Ladies and Gents toilets
Adequate Car Parking with outside lighting
Chairs & tables to seat ninety people
Slide projector & screen available
Complies with Fire Regulations


(Prices last revised at Jan. 2012)


(Prices last revised at Jan. 2012)

Main Hall Daily Rate - Per day  £55.00  £80.00
Main Hall - Per hour (Max. 4 hours after which the daily rate will come into force)  £8.00  £10.50
Committee Room Daily Rate (for meetings only) - Per day  £27.50  £40.00
Committee Room (For meetings only) - Per hour  £4.00  £5.25
Car Boot sales  £25.00  £35.00
Special Concessionary rates for Children's Parties (3 hour session)   £21.50  


TO ENQUIRE or MAKE A BOOKING, PLEASE CALL Nicola Hamill 01787 827723 or 07971 048455 (Text Preferred)







The Village Lottery is only open to village residents or members of clubs or societies that use the Village Hall on a regular basis. The cost to participate is 50p per number (allocated by the promoter) and no one person is permitted to hold more than 4 numbers. Each month there are 3 prizes totalling 50% of the money received, with the remaining 50% going to the Village Hall to provide funds for the up keep of the Hall.

The draw takes place once a month at a location/function within the village, and the winners are published in "What's On", on both Parish notice boards (Park lane & Bulmer Street), in the Hall and the Post Office in Bulmer Street.

If you would like to join the Lottery then please read the rules, download and complete the application form , and print a copy to give to the promoter (Dawn Allen) with your first payment, if you choose to pay by Cash or Cheque, otherwise complete the Standing Order form and deliver it to your Bank.















1. The Lottery shall be conducted in accordance with the Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976.

2. Membership shall be restricted to residents of the Parish of Bulmer, or those who are regular users of Village organisations.

3. A Draw shall be held monthly at any time after the 21st. of that month and all numbers paid for at that date shall be entered.

4. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that their payments reach the Promoter by the 21st. of each month. NO COLLECTIONS WILL BE MADE UNLESS BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT. To save on administration costs, receipts will not be issued unless requested.

5. Numbers will cost 50 pence each for a single, monthly draw, and any one member may purchase up to a maximum of FOUR numbers.

6. Numbers may be purchased at any time, providing they are available.

7. Numbers are allocated randomly per member by the Promoter, and are held until the member withdraws their membership.

8. The maximum allowed for monthly prizes under the Act is 50% of the proceeds for that month, and will be allocated, to the nearest whole penny, as follows:-

First Prize - 25% of the allocation,
Second Prize - 15% of the allocation,
Third Prize - 10% of the allocation.

9. The results of the draw will be published monthly on the Village Notice Boards, the Village Post Office, and quarterly in "What's On".

10. Organisers of regular functions at the Village Hall may apply for the draw to be held at one of their functions, subject to Rule 3 above.

11. In the event of any query or dispute the decision of the Village Hall Management Committee will be final.

Promoter:- Dawn Allen, LEUCOJUM, The Street, Bulmer, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10.

















 Lottery Details LOTTERY RESULTS 2020 - 2019  Lottery Rules & Application
  First Prize Second Price Third Prize
January 2020 Mr M Crome Mr I Hepburn Mr A Burbidge
February 2020 Mr & Mrs R Alston Mr M Crome Mr P Fulcher
March 2020 Mrs B Rawlins Mr A Vicos Mrs V Martin
April 2020 Mr B Parry Mrs P Whillock Mr R Tomlinson
May 2019 Mrs S Buchanan Mr & Mrs Smiles Mrs B Rawlins
June 2019 Mr & Mrs P Cooper Mr R Buchanan Mr A Skipper
July 2019 Mrs C Morley Mr A Vicos
Mr & Mrs K Moulden
August 2019 Mrs V Crome Mr & Mrs C & C Bennett Mr S Coombs
September 2019 Mr P Fulcher Mr R Buchanan Mrs A Reid
October 2019 Mrs H Simpson Mrs H Simpson Mr & Mrs G Rooney
November 2019 Mr & Mrs P Rowe Mrs L Fulcher Mr D Smith
December 2019 Mrs T Bowler C Massey & S Davies

Mr R Buchanan