All planning applications decisions made by BDC can be viewed on Braintree District Council's website via this link 

If an application goes to an Appeal it can be viewed on Braintree District Council's website via this link by looking under the section "Appeals" for the relevant application.

Applications validated December 2023

23/02895/COUPA | Prior approval for the change of use of agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3), and for associated operational development - Change of use to 2 no. residential dwellings. | The Piggeries Hedingham Road 

Under the Prior Approval process the Local Planning Authority is only able to consider a number of defined issues, namely; highways, transport and noise impacts, risks of contamination and flooding, location and siting of the building, and the design and external appearance of the building and to ensure that the change of use is not impractical or undesirable due to its particular siting and location. If the Local Planning Authority considers the proposals to lead to significant impacts, a ‘normal’ full planning application can be required. There is no statutory consultation requirement associated with this type of application. The purpose of this correspondence is simply to ensure that you are aware that a notification has been received for the above development. It is not seeking a consultation response but if you do choose to make any comments then they should be restricted to the issues / matters listed above.

Applications validated October 2023

23/02508/HH | Erection of single bay cart lodge with open lean to | Inglefield Bulmer Street CO10 7EW Comment due by  9th November 2023

Applications validated September 2023

23/02369/FUL | Proposed development of 2no. detached 3 bedroom dwellings, with off road parking, utilising existing access from highway. | Back House Croft Bulmer Street CO10 7EW Comment due by 24th October 2023

23/00455/OUT | Outline planning application for 8no. dwellings with all matters reserved | Land Adjacent Kitchen Hill Bulmer Essex - RECONSULTATION - Comment due by 10th October 2023

23/02273/FUL | Erection of 1no. 6 bedroom dwelling with associated parking, amenity and access. | Land Adjacent To Griggs Farm Bulmer Street CO10 7EW Comment due by 17th October 2023

23/02225/FUL | Erection of Agricultural Building | Auberies Church Road Bulmer Essex CO10 7DY Comment due by 12th October 2023

Applications validated August 2023

23/02165/LBC & 23/02164/HH | Proposed alterations to existing single storey extension including roof alterations and re-surfacing, modification to window opening for insertion of French doors | Clement Cottage Bulmer Street CO10 7EW Comments due by 9th October 2023

23/01848/OUT | Outline planning application with all matters reserved for - Erection of 8no. 2 Bedroom dwellings and associated development. | Land Rear Of The Tye Ryes Lane Bulmer Comments due by 18th September. Extension until 21st September granted for Bulmer Parish Council to enable this to be on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting on 18th September

23/01999/FUL | Proposed ground mounted solar PV system | Smeetham Hall Smeetham Hall Lane CO10 7EU Comments due by 6th September 2023

Applications validated July 2023

23/01500/VAR | Variation of condition 2 'Approved Plans' of permission 23/00373/FUL granted on 04/05/2023 for: Erection of 2 No. replacement dwellings & associated outbuildings. Improvements to existing vehicular access. Variation would allow 1:-Removal of single-storey link roof (to create detached dwellings) and removal of high-level timber detail to rear facing gables (plots 1 & 2). | 4 & 5 Smeetham Hall Lane CO10 7EU Deadline for comment 15th August 2023

23/01792/TPOCON | Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area - T1 x1 Cherry tree - Carry out a 1m to 1.5m crown reduction | New Mains Bulmer Street CO10 7EW Deadline for comment 11th August 2023

Applications validated June 2023

23/01363/HH | Proposed timber weatherboarding to first floor external walls | Church Cottage Church Road Bulmer  Deadline for comment 18th July 2023

23/01488/VAR | Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) & Condition 3 (Surface Water Drainage) of approved application 22/01147/FUL granted 25.10.2022 for: A new 400/132 kilovolt (kV) Grid Supply Point (GSP) substation including two supergrid transformers, associated buildings, equipment and switchgear, a single circuit cable sealing end compound, a new permanent vehicular access to the public highway, associated landscaping (including boundary fencing, an area for Biodiversity Net Gain, and landscape mounding) and drainage. Condition 2:- Would allow a reduction of substation footprint , improved cable alignment, rationalisation of the number and location of buildings, revised position and alignment of the supergrid transformer gantry moving it further from the A131. Condition 3 to be reworded. | Land Adjacent Butlers Wood And Waldegrave Wood West Of A131 Sudbury Road Twinstead Essex  This application will be considered at BDC Planning Committee on Tuesday 5 September 2023 at 7.15pm. There will be a live broadcast of the Planning Committee meeting via Braintree District Council’s YouTube channel. The broadcast may be accessed via The broadcast of the meeting will also be available to the public after the meeting.

Applications validated May 2023

23/01320/HH | Single storey rear and side extension and loft conversion | Larkfield Bulmer Street Bulmer Essex  Deadline for comment 4th July 2023

23/01360/TPOCON | Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area:- Removal of Ash tree | Land Adjacent To Griggs Farm Bulmer Street Bulmer  Deadline for comment 29th June 2023

Applications validated April 2023

23/01090/TPOCON | Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area: 6No. Limes - Reduce by 4.572 meters to remove dead top sections and make uniform. | St Andrews Church Church Road Bulmer Application permitted

23/01091/TPOCON | Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area: 1No. Hawthorn tree - Fell | Belchamp Brook House Bulmer Street Application permitted

23/00689/HH | Single storey rear extension | Laurel Cottage Bulmer Street Application permitted

Applications validated March 2023

23/00758/HDG | Notice of intent to remove a hedgerow - To ensure existing access has visibility splay required by Essex County Council Highways. | Hog Barn The Old Piggeries Hedingham Road Application permitted

23/00761/AGR | Application for prior notification of agricultural or forestry development - Erection of steel framed building. | Land Opposite Hilltop Farm Upper Houses Planning permission required

23/00444/FUL | Proposed ground mounted solar PV system | Smeetham Hall Smeetham Hall Lane Application Withdrawn April 2023