Who we are:

We are community-minded locals who believe in taking action, rather than complaining "something needs to be done."

What we do:

We organise 2-hour litter picking sessions once a month on a Wednesday morning, covering different stretches of the towpath between Queen Elizabeth Walk/the Wetlands, Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes Bridge. All are welcome to participate but please email in advance to reserve.

Why we do it:

We wish to raise awareness that the global issues highlighted by David Attenborough's Blue Planet and Sky's Ocean Rescue are very much evident in our local patch of the Thames. While litter picking deals with the symptoms, our key objective is to actually reduce the use of non-biodegrageable items that find their way into the river or onto the towpath.

What we focus on:

  • Reducing litter along the river and, more importantly, highlighting campaigns & simple measures to reduce litter sources. We do this via group litter picking sessions and info sharing.
  • Engaging with people who actively use the towpath and Thames (walkers, runners, rowers and schools) to encourage responsible behaviour and to discuss issues that impact the health of the river
  • Selective targeting of key riverine events such as The Boat Race and charity events to maximise enjoyment whilst minimising the environmental impact
  • Establishing and working with similar groups along the Thames

What we have achieved to date and with whom:

  • Significant reduction of litter on the towpath and foreshore
  • Participation in the BBC's One Show filming, the Port of London Authority's "Cleaner Thames" campaign, Keep Britain Tidy's Great British Spring Clean and other high profile-events
  • Training byThames21, earning official "River Action Group" and "Thames Ambassador" status
  • Data gathering and assistance with other key Thames21 environmental objectives
  • Assisted with creation of Putney Tidy Towpath (putneytt@outlook.com)
  • Working rapport with Richmond Council who provide equipment, install new towpath bins and collect bagged detritus
  • Association with the BCA, Round The Clock Pharmacy and the Barnes Sports Club who generously donate equipment, supplies and space
  • Partnership with Habitats & Heritage who offer invaluable assistance, including help to set up our website
  • Active dialogue with the Port of London Authority and the Tideway Group (the "Super Sewer" people)