Rogues Gallery

As we begin to plan for a new website I wanted to experiment with some of the articles and pictures that we can present, hence this Rogues Gallery.  From time to time i will be changing the images.  Some will have names, some will not; so if you know any of the pupils/staff please let me know and i will add them to our archive.

All these photographs were sent by Graham Mills and thanks for those.  Many of the photographs are sent by the older former pupils but if any of the younger ones want to send some in please do so.

1960 - Baines Scout Troop 1960 Form IIIM
1960-05_Baines_Grammar_School_-_Scout_Troop_001_(2).jpg 1960-05_Baines_Grammar_School_-_Form_IV_(M)_001.jpg
1962 Lower VI (Science) 1964 Upper VI (Science)
lower6science.JPG 1964-04_Baines_Gramnar_School_Upper_6th_April_1964_(1).jpg