Former Headteacher Brian Wilson' funeral

Covid lockdown V2.0 has meant that we will not be able to show our respects to Brian in the manner we would wish. However, the funeral director has sent the link to view the funeral service recording on your computers/tablets/phones etc.

The link is

No password required

Poultonian Updates

There is no update this week on the website as I am in conferences all this week.  We resume next week.


This website will feature both the Alumni Newsletters and the School newsletters plus any other documents that are relevant.  The Alumni Newsletter has been published every month throughout the lockdown and the School newsletter every half term.  

New contacts in the Alumni


Lets welcome Keiran Lawton, class of 97 and Katie Beisly (nee Mercer) class of 98 who have just been added to Alumni lists.  


Items for the Newsletter and Alumni News                                                                                                     

The newsletter and the Alumni News section of the website is very important to let other members of the Alumni know what is heppening. 

If you have any items for the newsletter or Alumni News then please email me at and I will endeavour to publish the information. No information will be published without checking and getting prior permission.  

Getting back into school

Recently former headteacher Muriel Ryding, FPA member Robert Wright and myself ventured into Baines; quite a surreal exercise.  Even though the school was full and operation there were so few pupils about.  The reason for this is that teachers move classrooms not pupils.  The reason for our visit was to discuss the new website and to sort out some of the archive.  However what happened was a surprise, we were handed over loads of artifacts from the main building, including photographs, architectural plans, the Baines' will and a drawing of the old building on linen.  All will now be preserved in the archive.

New Website

As we celebrate two years of the Alumni we are planning for the new website to replace this internim site.  If you have any ideas what you would like on it please let me know. 

Help and Support

The Alumni is here to help you.  There are a large number of members with the skills and expertise to help you if you have issues or simply want advice.  Please contact and we will do everything to hellp you

The FPA and Alumni

Some have asked about the association between the FPA and Baines Alumni.  Baines Alumni is available to all members of the school community, past pupils, teaching and associated staff and Governors.  Where the Former Pupils Association is open to past pupils.  To join the FPA there is a cost of £10 per year and this helps run the association as well as gives donations to the school. 

If you wish to join either the Alumni or the FPA then please contact me then I will pass on your details.