Baines Alumni Snippets

Revamped website

As you will have noticed a new look site.  Over the coming weeks I hope to revamp the whole site. 

Happy Birthday

Muriel Ryding's birthday is this month - many happy returns

Poultonian Requests

If you have missed a copy of the Poultonian and you dont fancy waiting for it to be re-posted then please get in touch with me and i will send you a copy.

The President's Project

Looking back over some of the things that the past presidents of the FPA have undertaken they vary greatly from the presentation of a linen drawing of the old school to the school blazer badge.  As i have been president over the pandemic I have decided on a Three Book Project.  The School War Memorials are unique in that they contain names from all over the UK and parts of the Commonwealth. Town War Memorials only cover one town.  Former Pupil Robert Wright produced a document listing each name on the WWI list with some information about regiments and parents etc.  I have enhanced this work by giving some 'brief lives' of each Boy listed.  Not content with this massive piece of work i have started on Book 2 - the 71 boys who died in WWII, these are listed on the school's reading desk.  To round it off i am producing a third book on the correspondence during WWII from the Boys to the Poultonian.  These resources will then be placed in the Archive and hopefully more infroamtion will be added.  

They are quite sad as you read them but give a fascinating insight to the Boys that fought and in some cases died in the World Wars.

Items for the Newsletter and Alumni News                                                                                                     

The newsletter and the Alumni News section of the website is very important to let other members of the Alumni know what is heppening. 

If you have any items for the newsletter or Alumni News then please email me at and I will endeavour to publish the information. No information will be published without checking and getting prior permission.  

We are back

Recently Muriel Ryding and myself went back into school and made a start on reinstating the James Baines room to house the archive.  Thanks to the generosity of former pupil Scott Law we will soon have a cabinet for the larger paper items in the archive.  Muriel took away one of the old pictures which had suffered with the damp and is making repairs to both the photogtaph and its hanging. 

The FPA and Alumni

Some have asked about the association between the FPA and Baines Alumni.  Baines Alumni is available to all members of the school community, past pupils, teaching and associated staff and Governors.  Where the Former Pupils Association is open to past pupils.  To join the FPA there is a cost of £10 per year and this helps run the association as well as gives donations to the school. 

If you wish to join either the Alumni or the FPA then please contact me then I will pass on your details.