Baines in the War Years

Baines Wartime project

Over the next few months this page together with the wartime Poultonian will be moving to a new section in closed area of this website.  To gain access to this section email me and i will send you a login.

The new section will include WW1 and WW2 and will be the largest social history project ever undertaken in the school

The school has two war memorials and the Book of Rembrance all on the back wall of the school hall.  The WWI war Memorial is inscribed 1914 - 1919 although this should be 1914 to 1920, as George Blakeway of the Australian imperial Army died of TB after being injured.  He died on 21st March 1920.  At least one other OB does not appear on any other War Memorial as he had been discharged from the Royal Engineers and then died of his injuries (possibly gangrene). Therefore the school war memorials are unique.

I have written three books that will be placed in the archive 

Book one gives the backstory of those OB that died in WWI

Book two gives the backstory of those OB that died in WWII

Book three are the correspondence with some backstory related to the artime correspondence in the Poultonian


Book one