Essex Police

Essex Police Briefing Document

issued by Jim Barker Chief Constable Essex Police

22 July 2011

The document can  be viewed via the link below:


The Future of Operational Policing in Essex




New names for neighbourhood policing teams


Terms for Neighbourhood Policing officers and teams are changing - read on for details
Following consultation between Essex Police Authority and Chief Officers, the following changes will take place from Monday, June 28:

Neighbourhood specialist officers (NSOs) will become  neighbourhood  Constables 
Neighbourhood Policing sergeants will become neighbourhood sergeants 
Neighbourhood Policing inspectors will become neighbourhood inspectors 
Neighbourhood support teams will be changing their names to response teams

Neighbourhood Policing pages on the Essex Police website and ORIGIN HR will be updated automatically in the coming months, while posters and stationery will be updated automatically when new stocks are required.

ACC Sue Harrison, responsible for Territorial Policing, says: "Listening to feedback from the public we believe these names are easier to understand and remember. I want to encourage all officers and staff to start using them now."

And Essex Police Authority chairman Robert Chambers adds: "By having this new title the public will be able to clearly recognise what their local officer is and what he or she does.

"We are going back to traditional methods, by using terms like constable we are cutting out phrases that the public may not know. We hope that this will make our neighbourhood policing even more successful."