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We are SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and focus on the advancement of education, arts, heritage, culture or science.

This is our little corner of the Internet, where we talk about our Living History Project and Re-enactment Society!


Othala is a representation of both our past and our destiny

– a reminder of who we are, everything that comes from our ancestors as an inheritance.

An outreach project run by group of volunteers

who are passionate about experimental archaeology and living history

We believe that the best approach to promote our heritage is to actively participate in specifically themed events and workshops.  We are passionate about early medieval crafts, modest life, and folklore. Our aim is to work along with artists and craftsmen specializing in the experimental archaeology and to learn and present those skills, to the wider audience.

Amber Othala is recreating the daily life, tasks and crafts of people living around Baltic Sea during the so-called Viking Age.

Our goal is to contribute to social and economic resilience and deliver positive outcomes to people’s health and well being by getting people engaged into activities we provide. To improving self-esteem, transferring key skills such as, crafts and art making.


  • Promote Eco-Friendly lifestyle.

  • Recycle and upcycle

  • To inspire and encourage communities throughout our activities to remove plastic

    from their life, replace everyday items with more environmentally friendly articles.


We promote family-centred approach and welcome family groups and individuals. We are open for any gender, nationality, culture, and background to work together as one team. Success requires equal opportunities for all.


'When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.'


John Muir

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