Poster to advertise talk by Southern water

Working together to reduce sewer blockages and their environmental impact.

Monday 15 July 2024
19:00 to 21:00

Southern Water clears more than 23,000 blockages each year, most of
which are caused by customers who flush inappropriate items down
the sink and toilet. This presentation, by Tim Eaton and Matt Collins from Southern Water, will show how we can all help to
reduce blockages that cause damage to people’s homes and to the
wider environment. Information will also be presented about the
company’s plans to improve the sewer network over the coming years.

Admission is £1 which includes entry into the prize raffle.
Tea, coffee & juice will be available at 50p per cup.

Parking at venue or in Oak Road car park.

Contact Philip Dowd
Methodist Church Hall (behind Soul Cafe)
North Road, Dibden Purlieu
SO45 4PG
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Cost £1.00