Photo of attendance at Community Energy Pathways workshop


Below are the summarised findings and actions from the workshop.

  • Community Energy New Forest was agreed  with the strapline 'Local Energy for Local People'. As a longer vision it will “Provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions which positively impact our New Forest communities”.
  • this organisation is a developer / delivery route for community owned renewables in the District (which is resource / skills intensive) whilst still allowing individual communities and community groups to direct their own projects including energy advice / energy champion programmes. 
  • Regarding energy advice, this organistion offers training, tools and support in this. Contact Laura  if you or your community group is interested in finding out more 
  • possibility of adopting the rules of Southampton Renewable Energy CBS and what the implications are in terms of administration etc.  Another option is to start from scratch and CES can help move the process forward with Coops UK.
  • Enough budget within the programme to help with comms etc.  Designers will start to create a logo and starting website and to agree who would be responsible within the group for maintaining any comms / website going forward.
  • Laura ( and Lucy Bramley will look at options for creating a platform e.g. Basecamp or Loomio where ideas can be shared and provide help moving projects forward etc. Decisions to be made around dropbox, google drive or similar for shared files etc.
  •  think about potentially suitable sites within the area bearing in mind the limits / parameters of what makes a community energy project (see attached presentations slides for more info). Email ideas to Laura  who will create a spreadsheet in the first instance. It would be good to know whether you have a personal contact at the site that can be used as an open door! Our organisation is fortunate to have within the group technical expertise through Thomas Odley, who has suggested he can review any potential sites.
  • email Laura if you’d like an active role in the organisation and in what capacity.  
  • Next session will take place online over zoom to feedback on the above action points and  think about organisation moving forward. Proposed date of  Thursday 30th 10 – 12pm? Remember you don’t need to be part of an existing group to join in with this programme.
17:11, 11 Nov 2023 by Helen Capstick