2 people cycling in new Forest

The Eling to Holbury Cycle Route was shown at the Waterside Transport Schemes Meetings held some months ago in which the Waterside Cycling Action Group (WCAG) was able to discuss our doubts concerning certain aspects of the route 

 One major concern which WCAG have been highlighting to Hampshire County Council (HCC) for the last three years is the existence of a roundabout at the junction of Nash Road, North Road and Water Lane which can still be seen (with a comment) on the drawing shown below.  This inaccuracy has been brought before the HCC councillors at the time when they agreed the scheme during the summer of 2020.   

WCAG suggested that the officers who designed and who will implement the A326 road schemes visit the Waterside and WCAG would accompany them on a guided tour of the cycle route to point out our concerns.  The group who are implementing the northern scheme of the A326 (the boundary between the northern and southern schemes is the Dibden (also known as the Manor) Roundabout have accepted WCAG's invitation and have visited Marchwood and cycled around the area.   

 WCAG felt that the visit was of use, especially when the number of HGVs using Main Road running past the Pilgrim Inn was noted.   

 However, no such visit has taken place with regard to the southern section which has numerous concerns regarding crossing points of various roads and at various junctions.  WCAG feels that this southern section visit is of great importance as the proposed design Long Lane Service Road needs further discussion, plus the extension of the route to Lepe.  The route now stops in Blackfield.  WCAG also needs discussion of the route from Kennels Corner (also known as the Holbury Roundabout) through Fawley to the proposed development on the site of the Fawley Power Station.  

 One of our number has seen signs (now removed he believes) that gave warning of construction work of a parallel light-controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing on Butts Ash Lane close to the Chaloner Crescent (a crossing which WCAG has great doubts about).  This work is supposed to last for 11 weeks but confirmation of this activity must be obtained. 

Junction improvements to the 5 roundabouts between the Dibden and Holbury roundabouts are also illustrated in the Hampshire County Council documentation.  WCAG recommend the provision of the proposed light-controlled cycle crossing south of the Applemore Roundabout, and are strongly suggesting that a footway be provide from the Applemore Roundabout to the cattle grid to protect pedestrians walking into the Forest (WCAG would like a cyclepath at this point), are unhappy about the position of the cycle crossing east of the Dibden Crossing (too close to the roundabout) and are most unhappy about the proposals concerning cyclists at the Heath Roundabout.  This, again, is why WCAG have contacted HCC regarding a southern section meeting. 

For more information regarding WCAG please go to their facebook page (Waterside Cycling Action Group).

15:33, 21 Oct 2023 by Helen Capstick